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Radio evangelism in action.

By F. W. Detamore, Promotion Secretary, Voice of Prophecy Radio Program

What a thrill it is to see "another angel fly in the midst of heaven" and to know that we are all having a part in fulfilling the command, "Prepare ye the way of the Lord" ! We are all one in this radio work. This Voice of Prophecy is your broadcast, and you have a right to any benefits you may obtain from it. On the other hand, the Voice of Prophecy needs your support and sympathy. Here are some of the ways in which you can help the Voice of Prophecy:

1. Urge our members to give out logs every­where. The territory should be districted and covered by radio log distribution. In addi-. tion to this, our members should be urged to enclose these logs in letters to nonmembers, and hand them out whenever casual contacts are made.

2. If you do not have a Bible correspondence school of your own, then urge our members to cover the territory by a careful door-to-door canvass, using the Voice of Prophecy prospec­tus, soliciting enrollments in the Bible Corre­spondence Course or in the. Junior or Braille courses. (We also hope soon to have free courses ready in Spanish and German.)

3. Put weekly ads about the Voice of Proph­ecy broadcast in your local newspaper. We can supply you with sample ads and free mats for newspaper cuts.

4. It will be of great help to us if, when a Voice of Prophecy interest is reported back to you, you will send us information about the individual after you have visited him. We are eager to obtain this information, whether it be good or adverse, encouraging or discourag­ing.

And now, how can the Voice of Prophecy help you? There are two ways in which it can be of help if you do not have a Bible correspondence school of your own.

1. Early in your evangelistic series you may pass out cards inviting attendants to enroll in the Voice of Prophecy Bible Correspondence Course or in the Junior course. This will be a great help in ripening interests as your meetings progress. As the course moves much more slowly than an evangelistic campaign, there is no danger of attendants' reaching the contro­versial doctrines before you present these in the public sermon. We have often found that en­rollees desire to take their stand after complet­ing only four or five lessons. This spirit of surrender makes them very susceptible to the truths as presented in the baptismal class.

2. Many of our radio evangelists who do not have sufficient time or help to carry on their own Bible schools, choose to use our free Radio Bible Correspondence Course to help in their radio follow-up work.

Over the air and on their handbills they ad­vertise that they have made arrangements with the world's largest free Radio Bible Corre­spondence School to offer a free course in [give city], etc.; then follows the announcement tell­ing of the value of this excellent course. En­rollments are sent to the local broadcaster, who passes them on to the Voice of Prophecy. In this way he can get these names on his mailing list, and yet he does not have the worry and work of operating a school of his own.

Many evangelists are in one place such a short time that they are unable themselves to bring a long correspondence course to a con­clusion; so they prefer to avail themselves of the school conducted by the Voice of Prophecy. Some state frankly in their announcements that they are working in co-operation with the na­tionally known broadcast, the Voice of Proph­ecy, and that they are happy to offer a free Radio Bible Correspondence Course. They ask enrollees to write to them, and then they pass these names on to Box 5 Los Angeles, Cali­fornia. Our workers will get a prompt re­sponse to requests and correspondence by writ­ing to the Voice of Prophecy, 811 East Broad­way, Glendale.

If you have a Bible correspondence school of your own, you may feel free to offer the Junior Correspondence Course in the same way as out­lined here. Many conduct the regular Bible school, but desire to offer the Junior course. We are happy for you to take advantage of our Junior school. The response in this school for the children of America has been most thrilling.

You may also offer the Braille course and soon, we hope, the Spanish. These names will be cared for as you send them on to us. In war­time it will not be advisable to offer the German course over the air, but this can be publicized in newspaper ads, in door-to-door solicitation, and in evangelistic meetings.

Our only desire is to see the work finished so that we can go home. None of us can go home until the work in others' territory is done. The hour is late. We must act quickly and unitedly. We will pray for you, and we know you are praying for us.

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By F. W. Detamore, Promotion Secretary, Voice of Prophecy Radio Program

June 1943

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