A Great Need in Central America

Never before have the doors of the Central American countries been so wide open as today.

By N. H. KINZER, Superintendent, Central American Union Mission

Fifty years ago our first missionaries entered the territory now comprising the Cen­tral American Union Mission. Up until a few years ago most of the work was carried on among the English-speaking people. And so today we find large unentered sections, inhab­ited by millions of Spanish-speaking people who have never had contact with our missionaries or our work except through colporteurs and the printed page.

Our leaders in the field of the Central Amer­ican Union realize that we face a problem which can be solved only by following the instruction given this denomination in the Spirit of prophecy regarding the entering of new territory and finishing the work. Several of our evangelists are conducting public efforts in new cities and villages, and it is very evident that God is bless­ing them in a marked way. But we feel there is a large field that will be opened only by estab­lishing the medical missionary work.

Never before have the doors of the Central American countries been so wide open as today. The "Good Neighbor Policy" of our own coun­try has played an important part in opening doors to missions. Our workers are welcomed in practically every country, and in many cases the government officials offer financial aid to any institution we establish.

Today is the day of opportunity. We are told in Volume IX of "Testimonies :" "Workers —gospel medical missionaries—are needed now. You cannot afford to spend years in preparation. Soon doors now open to the truth will be for­ever closed. Carry the message now. Do not wait, allowing the enemy to take possession of the fields now open before you."—Page 172.

We feel our handicap because of the lack of medical work in the Central American coun­tries. Medical missionary work is truly "the right hand of the gospel." (Vol. VII, p. 59.) This "right hand" is missing; therefore our work is crippled. We are told that the "medi­cal missionary work is the pioneer work of the gospel." The unentered fields challenge us to­day. There is much pioneer ,work yet to be done.

God "designs that the medical missionary work shall prepare the way for the presentation of the saving truth for this time,—the procla­mation of the third angel's message. If this design is met, the message will not be eclipsed nor its progress hindered."—Id., Vol. VI, p. 293.

One of our overseas workers in Central America has been carrying on some dental work on a very small scale, but it has been sufficient to prove that the instruction given us is the divine method for entering new territory and preparing the way for the giving of the gospel.

How long shall we wait ? We believe the time has arrived when we should make definite plans for medical work in these countries. Just as soon as funds tan be provided and permits from the governments obtained, we must delay no longer, lest the open doors close before our eyes and the enemy come in and take posses­sion.

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By N. H. KINZER, Superintendent, Central American Union Mission

September 1943

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