A Young Woman's Profession

The call for bible instructor's continues.

L.C.K. is an associate editor of the Ministry. 

The question of a Bible instructor dearth has been considered in previous articles of the Ministry, but we wish here to continue this discussion and stress the great need of youth­ful workers in our present-day evangelism. A few leaders feel that even with a renewed em­phasis on this need we shall find only a very few young women giving themselves to this calling, because the majority will choose other profes­sions or settle down in homes. This suggestion cannot be overlooked, but we reason that the same might be said of other branches of service, as well as of the Bible work.

We do not care to change this marriage situa­tion, for youth will continue to make their plans, but we also believe that there are some angles out of focus. In the light of wide counsel, we desire to bring them to the attention of the field. It is all the more important for the worker group to have the right conception of these problems, for youth reflects the thinking of its elders.

As a matter of fact, marriage does not inter­fere with Bible work anymore than it interferes with teaching, nursing, or other professions. In all lines of endeavor both single and married women are employed by the Government. While there is much that might be argued on this point, the fact is that in these unusual times more and more wives are working.

When our young evangelists-in-the-making choose their companions, they will be wise to select partners who understand their work and can share in their future problems. We believe that the vision of the faculty in a certain school is commendable. Their seminar includes in its membership, as well as in its training and dis­cussion, the young women who expect to marry future evangelists.

There are young women in every profession who, for various reasons, temporarily pursue a career. They are not, as some may have sup­posed, a bit odd or unsettled in their decision. All through the ranks of our work there are godly young women whose only concern is to be found serving God in the place He directs. The fact that some noble, thoughtful young women desire to concentrate on their calling is a matter Seventh-day Adventists may well con­sider. Other denominations feature such a de­cision for Christian service by recognizing the value of the peculiar contribution these young women make to gospel work. Experienced leaders among us also agree that there will al­ways be a field to draw from, for the Bible work as well as for other noble professions in which women can make their special contri­butions.

The question then is not whether the young women will marry instead of choosing Bible work. The real issue is this : God is still calling young women into this work, and since He does, He will lay the burden on the hearts of those whom He will choose. If other conditions are equal in making an appeal for the profession, we shall soon have Bible instructors as well as nurses and teachers. Israel at one time lacked teaching priests, because certain conditions had driven them away from their work. But when the right emphasis was again given to this min­istry, and when the right hour came to use these priests, God called youth into the teaching priesthood. We believe that this will also be true of the Bible work.

With these suggestions let us set ourselves to the task of singling out promising young women who will qualify as Bible instructors. Let us guide them into our denominational schools for training. Then let us make this training so practical, thorough, and inspiring to the young women who choose this noble pro­fession that they will recognize in it a challenge equal to that of the ministry.                      

L. C. K.

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L.C.K. is an associate editor of the Ministry. 

May 1944

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