The Choir in Soul Winning

Truly an effective source of strength in an evangelistic series of meetings is the support of a choir well versed in the mes­sage and melody of evangelistic gospel hymns.

Andrew Fearing, Evangelist, New Jersey

Truly an effective source of strength in an evangelistic series of meetings is the support of a choir well versed in the mes­sage and melody of evangelistic gospel hymns.

In the city of Pittsburgh, where the accom­panying photograph was taken, we conducted our series of meetings in the studio auditorium of radio station WERC. Besides a morning pro­gram, we broadcasted a fifteen-minute musical period during the evening song service. This necessitated a specialized group of singers whose voices would blend in harmony suitable for radio presentation. Women's voices are rather apt for this type of service. We practiced with twelve young women until their voices were mellowed together in perfect harmony. This original group was the nucleus for an aug­mented choir, which was used on Sunday nights for the regular song service. The larger group became so proficient in harmony and time that after a while the whole augmented choir was used for broadcasting purposes.

All who were sufficiently interested to take time for practice after the evening's service were invited to join in this larger choir. We also used a period after the regular Sabbath service for rehearsal. This proved a good re­cruiting time for church members. The oppor­tunity for Christian service was offered to those not of our faith as well as our own members.

The choir was not at any time asked to learn difficult choir numbers, because such were not used in our service. The simple, heart-warm­ing, inspiring gospel songs of message appeal were used exclusively. The choir also learned a large repertoire of choir songs, and this aided the audience in singing these choruses, which were occasionally injected into the song service.

In this city the choir members were supplied with short, jacket-type robes. As they sat or stood behind a knee-high curtain, the short robes were sufficient. We greatly appreciated the choir activities in our meetings, and expressed this quite often both publicly and per­sonally. We stressed the importance of such service to God, and the choir's large influence in soul winning. Occasionally we had a gath­ering in the form of a social for the choir. All this helped to build loyalty, and God richly blessed the efforts of these faithful people.

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Andrew Fearing, Evangelist, New Jersey

July 1944

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