How to Build a Radio Audience

Be human and liven your talk with human interest.

By B. R. SPEAR, Evangelist, Southern California Conference

To begin with, the right person should he at the microphone. He should study to eliminate the impression that the program is just another "money getter" or "racket." Each program must touch the problems of humanity. Then people will recognize that you have help for them.

Have attractive circulars, postcards, etc., printed, to be distributed from door to door. Have some thing to give away free. Run display advertisements in newspapers. Get your church members to call several thousand people in the telephone book, inviting them to tune in. Use every means possible to attract attention to your program—then the program must be good enough to keep your listeners.

Seek to be attractive in every respect, as you would to one person, and talk to that one person as to a friend. Do not preach on the radio. There is too much of that already. Carry with you the thought that your job is to save a soul from death by presenting Jesus to him in all His beauty.

Dismiss all your ego. Be human and liven your talk with human interest. Touch the lives and problems of your listeners and leave the impression that you are deeply interested in them. l3e deeply sincere and honest, and the people will know it.

Endeavor to get away from the beaten track of programs and have something fresh and appealing. Do not copy your ideal preacher and try to be like him. Copy Jesus. Lose forever the supposed dignity of a "starched" preacher's voice. Talk like a human being and use your natural voice. Do not push your voice at the "mike." Let it rest down and be conversational in approach and attitude. Do not be too deliberate. This is a nervous age. Take a free, easy cadence and keep it bright and sunny. If you are giving some heavy points of doctrine, do not go too rapidly. People do not think in terms of the truth as you do. Give them time to grasp it by repeating it with a new set of words, and above all, simplify it for the children.

Your program must be different. Something in it must be outstanding. It must be personalized.

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By B. R. SPEAR, Evangelist, Southern California Conference

September 1944

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