"My Witness Is in Heaven"

A personal testimony.

By ALICE SORENSEN, Student Nurse, Loma Linda School of Nursing

It was 5:45 A.M., and the stillness of the lingering night was suddenly shattered by the shrill peal of an alarm clock. Anne Masters, student nurse, turned over in bed and gave the clock a jab. She turned on the light and rubbed her eyes. Another day ! Greeting the new day with a smile, she reached for her Bible. As she concentrated on the holy message flowing into her heart, an answering message found its way to the courts above. And an angel in white opened his record book to a white, clean page and recorded after Anne's name, "Prayerfulness."

She finished her worship and began her prepara­tion for the day's work. Her neatly pressed uni­form, white shoes and laces, the professional hair-do and absence of make-up caused the heav­enly recorder to look pleased as he added the word "Conformity."

As was her habit, Anne quickly but thoroughly cleaned her small room, made her bed, and hung away her night clothes. And the angel wrote, "Neatness."

After using her good judgment in choosing a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast, she arrived at the hospital a minute before her duties began. And the angel added "Punctuality" to her list.

Taking a lively interest in the daily tasks which so easily become routine, Anne won the virtues of "Accuracy" and "Thoroughness" for her record as she looked carefully to details. With each break­fast tray she brought a cheery word, a smile, and an offer to ask a blessing on the food. As she talked with her Lord in her sweet low voice, the man of God wrote, "Tact, Sincerity, and Loyalty."

During the course of giving treatments Anne made all her graceful movements with quick, sure proficiency, talking with her patient along inspira­tional lines. Her wholesomeness and desire to do right brought relief and help to the physically and spiritually sick. And the angel wrote on her list of character traits, "Efficiency."

After she had used her initiative to make some unused beds, which her ever-alert eyes had seen, she recorded her time of work on the chart and was credited with the virtue "Honesty."

Anne hurried to class where she maintained a teachable attitude. Her "Temperance" at dinner­time, her "Courtesy" to teachers and supervisors, her "Industriousness" at the close of class, and her "Common Sense" in participating in a little out­door play after school were noted with pleased countenance by the angel in white.

Her love for the Lord led her to worship Him after supper, and then she conscientiously applied herself to her studies. She adapted herself to her surroundings and could write home thoughtfully to her parents that she was thankful to them for helping her achieve her high goal through Chris­tian development.

After faithfully studying her Bible and praying once more, she maintained the measures of per­sonal cleanliness and prudently got to bed on time.

As the angel looked down the day's record he added the lines : "Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands ; and let her own works praise her in the gates."

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By ALICE SORENSEN, Student Nurse, Loma Linda School of Nursing

February 1945

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