Let Us Arise and Finish It

The Advent message to all the world in this generation.

By J. L. TUCKER, Evangelist, Northern California Conference

The slogan, or goal, that has sounded in my ears for the past thirty years that I have been associated with this people is this: "The Advent Message to All the World in This Generation." For years the thought lingered in my mind that the Lord would come before I grew to maturity and had a real part in the work of God. But now I am sometimes faced with the stern fact that un­less a new spirit, a new vision of a much greater work, a fuller using of modern facilities, is brought into the work of God, I may grow old and die before the advent message has been preached to all the world in this generation.

How glibly we talk of our world responsibility, and then only touch it with the tips of our fingers. When are we really going to stop playing at our task? When are we going to awaken to the real­ization that all the mighty inventions for the dis­semination of knowledge were brought into ex­istence primarily for the giving of the message? Where is the vision that sees every radio station as a vehicle to give wings to the advent message? every daily and weekly paper as a medium to make men acquainted with the truths that make us a dis­tinct people?

How many times I have read with an air that must have smacked in some degree of complacency and satisfaction the statistics of the combined ef­forts of our entire laboring force and laity. The totals seemed to be such an imposing array. But when really and fairly analyzed, they should drive us to our knees in humility and repentance. To compare our little successes and activities with other denominations only sinks us lower in the quicksands of the Laodicean church.

This is a message and a people of destiny. This is a movement in which the rank and file of the membership are to do exploits for God. The state­ment, "All that the apostles did, every church member is to do," is read and underscored, but when are we going to start doing it? When are we going to hear "a sound of going in the tops of the mulberry trees"? The resources of Om­nipotence are ours ; yet we labor on in weakness.

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By J. L. TUCKER, Evangelist, Northern California Conference

March 1945

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