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Time after time disappointed church members tell us of their vain search for Adventist churches in places where they are obliged to spend the Sabbath day. It is time to make use of advertising.

By J. R. FERREN, Secretary, General Conference Bureau of Publicity

In the March issue of The Ministry B. A. Scherr, of the Kansas Conference, wrote on a subject of vital importance. As one method of "advertising your church," he urged that you place upon the church building, or in the yard, an attrac­tively lettered sign, with the name of the church, time of services, and name and address of the pas­tor or elder.

I was very glad for this appeal to pastors and church leaders from a departmental secretary who travels among our churches. The Publicity Bureau is constantly being implored to wage- a campaign that will awaken our local church leaders to the need of making it possible for people looking for Seventh-day Adventist churches to find them. Time after time disappointed church members tell us of their vain search for Adventist churches in places where they are obliged to spend the Sabbath day.

The newspaper is of first importance as a means of helping people find your church. You can usually arrange for the local newspaper to carry your church announcement regularly. This may or may not cost something, but the charge is nomi­nal. Some papers give this service free to churches, especially in small towns. But, in any case, it is very much worthwhile to have this regu­lar announcement appearing each week with the listing of the other churches. It is a silent witness to the existence of a Seventh-day Adventist church, with its Sabbath (Saturday) services. Its continuity has a definite influence for good locally. And strangers inquiring for the Adventist church will get the information they desire at the news­paper office.

The objection may be raised that the church-announcement page usually comes in the Saturday paper, and thus does not allow time to announce the sermon Subject in advance. We know this, but even so, your being represented advertises your services, and this week's announcement may bring someone to your church next Sabbath. Occasionally, however, a paper will make an exception and run the Adventist church notice on Friday.

We earnestly encourage our pastors and church leaders where this is not done now, to take early action to have their churches properly represented by way of standing weekly church announcements in their papers. Such a notice takes about an inch .of space for the name and address of the church, time of services, pastor's (or elder's) name, ad­dress, and telephone number.

In a city where there are a number of churches, it is impressive to have them listed together under -"Seventh-day Adventist Churches."

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By J. R. FERREN, Secretary, General Conference Bureau of Publicity

May 1945

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