Present Important Matters—Minor Matters Will Adjust Themselves

Vital Testimony Counsels released by the E.G. White Trustees.

Ellen White

Dwell upon major matters.—Dwell upon questions that concern our eternal welfare. Any­thing that the enemy can devise to divert the mind from God's Word, anything new and strange that he can originate to create a diversity of sentiment, he will introduce as something wonderfully impor­tant. . . .

The enemy will strive to cause believers to search out matters of minor importance, and to dwell at length upon these matters in committee meetings and council meetings. But by turning their attention to questions of so little consequence, the brethren hinder the work instead of advanc­ing it.

We are to proclaim the third angel's message to a perishing world, and we are not to permit our minds to become diverted by minutiae that prac­tically amount to nothing. If our brethren would consider the important matters pertaining to eternal life and eternal death, many of the smaller matters that they desire so much to adjust, would adjust themselves.—E. G. White Letter 16, 1903.

Diverted from Commissioned Message.—We are not to allow our attention to be diverted from the proclamation of the message given us. For years I have been instructed that we are not to give our attention to nonessential questions. There are questions of the highest importance to be con­sidered.—E. G. White MS. 10, 1905.

Present Truth Comprises Messages.—The present truth for this time comprises the messages, the third angel's message succeeding the first and second.—E. G. White Letter 121, 1900.

Enemy Pleased When Minds Diverted by Minor Points of Difference.—The enemy of our work is pleased when a subject of minor im­portance can be used to divert the minds of our brethren from the great questions that should be the burden of our message. As this ["the daily"] is not a test question, I entreat of my brethren that they shall not allow the enemy to triumph by hav­ing it treated as such.

The work that the Lord has given us at this time is to present to the people the true light in regard to the testing questions of obedience and salvation,—the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.—"Preach the Word," Elmshaven Leaflets, Vol. II, No. 1, p. 7.

Avoid All Diverting Minutiae.—We are to proclaim the third angel's message to a perishing world, and we are not to permit our minds to become diverted by minutiae that practically amount to nothing. If our brethren would con­sider the important matters pertaining to eternal life and eternal death, many of the small matters that they desire so much to adjust, would adjust themselves. The Lord calls upon His ministering servants to proclaim the message of truth, dwelling upon those things that are of great importance.—E. G. White Letter 16, 1903.

There are many themes that might seem of special importance to the minds of one class, that to another class would appear in an altogether different light. Satan will seek to create argument upon different points that might better remain unmentioned. A noble, devoted, spiritual worker will see in the great testing truths that constitute the solemn message to be given to the world, suffi­cient reason for keeping all minor differences con­cealed, rather than to bring them forth to become subjects of contention. Let the mind dwell upon the great work of redemption, the soon coming of Christ, and the commandments of God ; and it will be found that there is enough food for thought in these subjects to take up the entire attention.—E. G. White in Review and Herald, Sept. II 1888.

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Ellen White

June 1945

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