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June 1946


The Future of the Bible Work

What are the prospects for Bible workers?

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"Quit You Like Men"

Mankind's desperate plight lays upon the church of God new and enlarging responsibilities.

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Maintaining a High Musical Standard

The legitimate gospel song has been debased by many gospel song revivalists.

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Editorial Keynotes

Advance on All Fronts!

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Catholics Capitalize Publicity

Publicity, it is said, is the life of trade.

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Should Field Training Be Postponed?

It is generally expected by conference execu­tives that theological graduates from our col­leges will have had a certain amount of field experience during their college work.

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Japan and the Kings of the East

New trends from Japan.

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Evangelism Under Nazi Pressure

A story from Norway.

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Reviewers Admit Evidence Disproves Charges

Multiple book reviewers now reconsidering Millerism.

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Wartime Persecution in Japan

A report from Japan.

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Are We Just "Fiddlin"?

Food for thought.

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  Widening the Vistas of Radio


  An Intern's Retrospect


  Leading Out in Husband's Absence




  Teaching Health Principles in Bechuanaland


  Man—God's Masterpiece


  The "Sixth Hour" in John 19:14


  The Challenge of the Sightless




  Pointer's to Progress

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