Don't Make the Pulpit a Wastebasket

Advice on cultured conduct.

By D. A. DELAFIELD, Publicity Director, Voice of Prophecy, Los Angeles

Most preachers and church members will agree with me when I say that it is a disgrace the way some pastors and local elders make a wastebasket and a "catch all" out of the church pulpit. Stacks of promotion and campaign material too often clut­ter up the shelves of the sacred desk. Because these shelves are not visible to the congregation, some careless ministers neglect to clean out the remains of extinct propaganda programs.

If that were the whole picture, it would not be nearly so bad. Many of us have also seen crum­pled balls of wastepaper, old offering plates, dust-covered books and Bibles, sprawled in a shapeless heap on the shelves.

Why cannot all carelessness of this sort be avoided or corrected? While it is true that the Lord Jesus Christ may speak to His people in crude, humble churches, yet we need not aggra­vate the situation by profaning the Lord's altar. Let us clean out the pulpit where the ministers stand between God and the people, and dust the cobwebs and dirt away.

Why cannot the altar of God in this day be the place where, as in ancient times, the glory of the holy Shekinah will shine forth from between the two cherubim ? Brethren, we should put our pulpits in order.

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By D. A. DELAFIELD, Publicity Director, Voice of Prophecy, Los Angeles

December 1946

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