Coordinated District Evangelism

The needs of God's cause demand that every member of the church be trained for His service.

By H. W. VOLLMER, M.D., Medical Secretary, Pacific Union Conference

The needs of God's cause demand that every  member of the church be trained for His service. But before we can teach the truth to others, we must know it for ourselves. One of the greatest responsibilities of the leaders in God's church today is that of training the mem­bers for service. This is clearly set before us in the Spirit of prophecy:

"There should be no delay in this well-planned effort to educate the church members."—Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 119."There should be a well-organized plan for the em­ployment of workers to go into all our churches, large and small, to instruct the members how to labor for the upbuilding of the church, and also for unbe­lievers. It is training, education, that is needed. Those who labor in visiting the churches should give the brethren, and sisters instruction in practical meth­ods of doing missionary work."—Ibid.. p. 117.

In order that the objective so clearly set be­fore us in this admonition may be met, unity of effort and a clear vision must obtain. In en­deavoring to meet this objective the officers and departmental secretaries of the Northern California Conference have united in a practi­cal and comprehensive plan of co-ordinated ef­forts in the training of the church members for evangelism. This plan involves a concrete pro­gram of co-operation on the part of both the conference workers and the local churches. The churches are being divided into federated districts. Each district elects its officers or leaders. As already inferred, the objectives of this organization are to co-ordinate all efforts of the departments of our work in the training of the church in all lines of service.

District meetings are held from time to time, in which the departmental secretaries of the conference unite in promoting the different phases of our work. No one department is to say to the other, "I have no need of thee." The spirit of unity is fostered in harmony with these words: "If ever the Lord has spoken by me, He speaks when I say that the workers engaged" in educational lines, in ministerial lines, and in medical missionary lines, must stand as a unit, all laboring under the supervision of God, one helping the other, each blessing each."—Coun­sels on Health, pp. 394, 395.

To provide still further for a. practical work­ing out of this plan, housing facilities and the necessary equipment are being provided through mutual co-operation on the part of the confer­ence and the churches. Where new church buildings are being erected, provision is being made for rooms and equipment for the various lines of instruction in health education, such as classes in nutrition and cookery, home nursing, Bible classes, the Dorcas Society, Missionary Volunteer, educational, and Sabbath school work.

This program is being launched under the title of "Co-ordinated Evangelism Federation," and although yet in its infancy, fruitage is al­ready appearing. By such a plan of organiza­tion, reaching down into the local church, the training of the membership for various mission­ary activities can be fostered more successfully.

We often quote the following words, but are we doing all we can by way of training for their fulfillment? "The work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers." Praise the Lord "for that the leaders took the lead in Israel" when the people willingly offered them­selves. Judges 5:2, A.R.V. and R.V. "So built we the wall ; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof : for the people had a mind to work." Neh. 4:6.

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By H. W. VOLLMER, M.D., Medical Secretary, Pacific Union Conference

February 1947

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