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March 1947


How Follow Up Bible Lessons?

For sometime I have been studying the fol­low-up methods and results of our radio and correspondence school interests, and at long last feel that some observations can be made.


Editorial Keynotes

From the Ministry back page.


When Sunday Was Kept From Sunset to Sunset

For those interested in the history of the Sabbath-Sunday controversy, here is an item from the article "Vespers," by Desmond A. Schmal, S. J., which appeared in The Catholic Mind (Jesuit) of December, 1946.


Dietary Practices of Ellen White

I have been told by someone who claims to be in a position to know, that during the later years of Mrs. White's life she departed from the vegetarian dietary she recommended, and occasionally ate meat, especially chicken. Is this true?


But by My Spirit"

Devotional Study, Autumn Council, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1946.


What Is True Temperance?

Temperance is a commonly misused word. How should we understand it?


Temperance Education in Schools

How this work came about.


The Role of the Nutritionist

The question of how to preserve the health is one of primary impor­tance.


Avoid the Spirit of Nebuchadnezzar

How fitting and pleasing it is to a patient for the doctor to say, "You were healed by di­vine intervention.


Ten Commandment Visual Aid

The large visual aid illustrating the ten commandment law is in itself an impressive-symbol of the declaration of Revelation 14:12: "Here are they that keep the commandments of God.


Exalting the Ten Commandments

There is no visual aid which I use more fre­quently than the Ten Commandments, painted in large letters on plywood, resembling two tables of stone.


Establishing City Welfare Missions

A work such as we are carrying forward in Boston through the Welfare Mission gives the church mem­bership constant opportunity to exercise that altruism and charity which are such a vital part of true Chris­tianity.


The Preacher and the Press-6

This is to continue our discussion of sermon reporting as featured last month.


Evangelist's Far-reaching Influence

The addition of many new members result­ing from an evangelistic campaign always brings a thrilling stimulus to the church mem­bership as a whole.


How Conduct Prayer Meeting?

The midweek prayer meeting is too often just another service attended only by those who feel it their duty to be present, but not be­cause of any interest in the service.


Observations on Prayer Meetings

"Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not."


The Successful Prayer Meeting

A symposium in three parts.


Editorial Postscripts

At the San Francisco General Conference of 1941, two new secretaries were added to the headquarters Ministerial Associa­tion staff.


Popular Music—Satan's Decoy

A look at the far-reaching influence of music on our lives.


IV. Teaching Truth for Decision

Fourth number in series on student seminar objec­tives.


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