Columbia Union Symposium

The evangelistic symposium held at Cincinnati, Ohio, February 22 to March 6, 1947, was one of the high lights in connection with the quadrennial session of the Columbia Union Conference.

By B. G. WILKINSON, Field Representative, Washington Missionary College

The evangelistic symposium held at Cincinnati, Ohio, February 22 to March 6, 1947, was one of the high lights in connection with the quadrennial session of the Columbia Union Conference. The variety of subjects presented by the speakers was amplified and co-ordinated by workers assembled from all over the union.

No forum of the air could have aroused such interest as was manifested in this institute by the earnest consideration of the what and the how inherent in the third angel's message. Not only did the lines of our truth obtain greater emphasis by these discussions, but the methods of carrying it to others were made more clear and more compelling. What a joy it was to have our hearts stirred and our devo­tion to God's work strengthened by such an un­usual meeting of the brethren.

Some of these workers were young and in­experienced in field work. This assembly gave them opportunity of contact with soldiers of the cross who had won victories in the midst of opposition and trial. Those present had not been privileged to come together and hear the stirring exchange of stimulating thoughts for five years or more. They could now learn more of the ways and means which had gained and were gaining great advance in the dark districts of the enemy. "Not forsakitr, the assembling of ourselves together," was the advice of the apostle Paul, and is applicable to workers as well as to the church in general. This sym­posium constituted schooling which could not otherwise be secured.

Twenty-two speakers presented as many papers on the different phases of the work. They were filled with the irresistible energy of the message as they gave urgency to methods of soul winning. "We are well able to go up and take the enemy," said Evangelist Boothby as he pleaded for large city evangelism. "Pictured truth" meetings does much to build up the at­tendance and also to deepen the interest in the regular preaching services each night, accord­ing to N. S. Ashton, pastor of the largest church in the denomination (Sligo, Takoma Park). As to small city efforts and rural evangelism, Elder Moffett, president of the West Pennsyl­vania Conference, deeply stirred the audience by his fervent plea to attempt great things for God and hasten the finishing of the work.

D. A. Ochs, president of the Columbia Union Conference, emphasized the inestimable benefits which accrue to the cause through the worker who is faithful in advancing the claims of Chris­tian education. "The local church board is the last link in the chain of leadership in the Advent Movement," said Elder Leach, president of the Chesapeake Conference. He pointed out how to associate the church elder in evangelistic en­deavors. Elder Hill, president of the New Jer­sey Conference, wrote thus of the broad field of service open to Bible instructors : "In all ages there has been a unique place of Christian serv­ice for consecrated women. Bible instructors are often able to enter into the remote problem areas of the ministry whereunto a wise minister does not approach."

Space does not permit a report of all the papers of other Columbia Union workers. All the presentations were thoughtfully written. They provided stimulating ideas so suggestive that the discussions from the floor were inspir­ing and profitable.

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By B. G. WILKINSON, Field Representative, Washington Missionary College

July 1947

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