How to Win More Men

During thirty years in the ministry the Lord has blessed me in winning many men as well as women to this truth.

By O. D. CAHDEY, Pastor-Evangelist, Marlines, Georgia

During thirty years in the ministry the Lord has blessed me in winning many men as well as women to this truth. To state just how this has been done is not easy. The same Spirit that causes women to take their stand for the Lord Jesus Christ will persuade men to decide in favor of the truth, and then give them the courage to remain faithful to their decision.

I believe that one of the first principles to keep in mind in working for men is to 'work for families, instead of for the women of the family alone. I always endeavor to encourage the entire family to attend the meetings or Bible studies. I do not find this difficult if I ad­vertise subjects that are of current interest to thinking men. If the subjects are published in a clear-cut, straightforward way that will catch their eye and arouse a little of their curiosity, the men will come. Then it is up to the speaker to keep them coming by presenting the subject in a clear, simple way.

As ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ we should present every doctrinal subject of the Bible so clearly and plainly that all in the audi­ence will leave the meeting with the knowledge that they have been listening to the Word of God. Then the Holy Spirit will help men as well as women to decide in favor of the truth. It will take the power of God to turn men from sin and unrighteousness to a life of holiness in Jesus Christ. But this power is promised to us. Several statements from the Spirit of prophecy have been a source of real help and encourage­ment to me:

"You need power, and this power God is willing to give to you without stint."—Gospel Workers, p. 35.

"Today those who forget self and rely on God for success in the work of soul saving, will have the di­vine co-operation, and their efforts will tell gloriously in the salvation of souls."—Ibid.

"All that Christ received from God we too may have. Then ask and receive."—Christ's Object Les­sons, p. 149.

"Those who beg at midnight for loaves to feed the hungry souls will be successful."—/bid., p. 148.

"All the resources of heaven are at the command of those who are seeking to save the lost. Angels will help you to reach the most careless and the most hardened."—Ibid., p. 197.

If only we will take these promises at their face value and believe them, we will be able to win men for the Lord. We are to realize that we do not work alone, but that the Lord bids His disciples to be brave and strong, "for One mightier than angels would be in their ranks,—the General of the armies of heaven."—Acts of the Apostles, p. 29. Then we will have courage to urge men to sever their connections with the world and step out on the promises of God by faith.

After I have presented the doctrinal truths from the desk, I always make it a special point to shake hands with the people as they leave, and especially make the men feel that they are welcome at the services, and urge them to con­tinue to come. Then as we visit them in their homes we show a special interest in the men. As another important feature, I find that hav­ing a man for an assistant as I visit in the homes is a real help in keeping the interest of the men. Whenever the husband or father of the house is interested and is attending the meet­ings, it is always better to arrange for visits or Bible studies in the home in the evening, when the entire family can be there.

We must try to put ourselves in the place of the men with whom we are working. Thus we are in a position to help them solve their prob­lems. When I felt a definite call to the ministry, the conference workers said that I must go out and get an experience in the colporteur work, because if I could not persuade a man to buy a book I could never persuade him to keep the Sabbath or pay tithe. The experience that I re­ceived in the canvassing field has been of real help to me in my ministry in knowing how to meet men and sympathize with them, and then to cause them to see the necessity of obeying the Lord.

In order to get more men to take their stand for this message, we must encourage them to first take their stand and then decide that they are going to keep the Sabbath, come what may, before they ever go to their employer and ask for the Sabbath off. We must help them to step out by faith and trust the Lord to care for them. I always frankly admit that it will not be easy, and tell them the Lord may test them to the very last loaf of bread, but He will never for­sake them. He will never ask them to do some­thing that He does not give them the strength to do. It takes continual prayer and working for these men in order to win them for the Lord. When I visit them I always make it a point to have prayer with them and pray with them on their personal problems. I find that this per­sonal touch does much to win them. If a man does lose his position I do all I can to assist him in finding other work. And whenever possible I encourage men to get into the colporteur work. In every church in which I have minis­tered, I have been able to get young men out into this line of God's work. I find that these men will remain faithful and make good work­ers for the Lord.

Another of the important things to bear in mind in winning men for the Lord is to make them feel that they are welcome at every serv­ice. Especially should this be true when they begin to attend the Sabbath services. If they miss one meeting visit them at once and find out the trouble. I keep a record of all new mem­bers who are attending the Sabbath services, and if one is absent I either call on him or have one of the workers visit him that day if possible.

Then when the men are fully indoctrinated and in the church, put them to work. Give them something to do, and you will find that they will not be slipping out of the church. Give them a small part in the Sabbath school, mis­sionary meeting, or young people's meeting. Ask them to pray in prayer meeting. This will bind them to the church as nothing else will. "To win souls to the kingdom of God must be their first consideration."—Gospel Workers, p.31.

If we are going to win more men we must talk to God about men, and then talk to men about God. We must pray as if everything de­pended upon God, and then work as if every­thing depended upon us. In every effort that I begin, regardless of my past experience, I work and pray as if my whole future depended upon the results of this one effort. I do not believe that any minister should ever graduate from such an experience as this, regardless of how long he is in the ministry.

In summation I would say, the only way I know of to win more men for the Lord is to do all I can to interest them, and then leave them to the Lord and pray that the Holy Spirit will convert them to the Lord and not just to me.

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By O. D. CAHDEY, Pastor-Evangelist, Marlines, Georgia

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