Special Notice to Workers and Organizations

The Purchasing Department of the Gen­eral Conference is returning to the origi­nal plan of a straight five percent mark­up on overseas orders.

By FRANK B. KNIGHT, Secretary, Department of Purchase and Supply

To Overseas Organizations, Institutions, and Workers

The Purchasing Department of the Gen­eral Conference is returning to the origi­nal plan of a straight five percent mark­up on overseas orders. We are sorry that we were forced for a time to discontinue this plan, inasmuch as we have no budget provision. There will be no mark-up on orders such as Montgom­ery Ward, etc. where no discount is received. We do, however, wish to be of service to the field to the limit of our ability.

We apologize for many instances of poor service in the past, but at the present time are in a position to better serve you in the future as we have more help and better contacts. Your continued support in all lines will be to your ad­vantage in the end by better prices due to larger volume of business.

We ask any worker who has an order with us regarding which he has had no word confirm­ing the order to write us, telling who placed the order and giving full details as to delivery in­structions and a copy of the order. In your letter please refer to "Old Order." Do not include any new order with the old one.

If you will follow the advertising pages of THE MINISTRY from month to month, you will note our new lines of merchandise and price lists from time to time. These prices on stock items are subject to change when stocks are de­pleted and we have to replace.

We request that wherever possible you au­thorize us to ship direct so as to avoid rehan­dling and storage charges. Smaller items will be sent by parcel post wherever possible. Please secure import licenses where necessary to al­low your shipment to enter the country. To countries where the post office will not insure, goods are sent at purchaser's risk.

Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth export auto­mobiles are coming along on schedule about four to six months from date of factory order. Dodge station wagons are now available on order in limited numbers. The export cars are not for resale, but for organizational and work­ers' use.

Be sure that your orders are authorized by either your Division president or treasurer, or union conference superintendent or treasurer.

For your information, when we are asked to purchase on the local market, the goods we buy are boxed for domestic shipment, and to rebox for export and ship in most cases adds a mini­mum of 100 percent to the cost of goods. We urge strongly that you plan ahead so that we may purchase through the export houses where the goods are boxed for export, and have the proper electric current specifications. Regard­ing electric current specifications be sure to specify whether alternating or direct current is desired and give voltage and cycles. Again we want you to know we are working for you and will do all in our power to serve you.

To Domestic Organizations, Institutions, and Workers

We have been overloaded in the past with export orders and we have not been able to complete many contacts which we have started. We are, however, remembering our workers in the homeland and if you will watch THE MIN­ISTRY pages we will advise you of available items and prices as rapidly as possible. When­ever we can help you, we are ready if it is within our power. We are handicapped many times by franchise restrictions but these in time will be adjusted.

To All Domestic Fleet Automobile Purchasers

Just yesterday representatives of the General Conference and the Pacific Union Conference sat in the general offices of one of the large auto­mobile manufacturing concerns and were faced with eleven instances of fleet automobile pur­chases which had been resold by Seventh-day Adventist workers or in some cases the pur­chaser had more than one car.

It is to the mutual interest of every denomi­national worker, institution, and organization to see that fleet purchasers do not speculate with these cars. The fleet provisions of all com­panies provide for the purchase of vehicles for their organizations and for their employees when a minimum of 5o per cent of the annual mileage of the employee's car is used for the fleet-contracting organization, and for this us­age the organization pays a monthly or mile­age-basis allowance. These fleet cars are spe­cifically not for resale for at least six months according to the contract.

This very situation, which has been abused by many fleet users outside of our denomination as well as within, makes the manufacturers question the future of fleet contracts. We ask that each worker jealously guard these con­tracts in his relationships to them.

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By FRANK B. KNIGHT, Secretary, Department of Purchase and Supply

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