Twelve Modern Avenues of Evangelism

The minister in the making.


It is a tragic experience for a young man to dedicate his life to public evangelism and then, for any one of several reasons, be unable to enter this noble profession. But there are at least a dozen related avenues of labor which he might well consider, and still be serving the Master in an acceptable manner. In answer to a deeply felt need for practical guidance on the part of prospective ministerial students and workers, both in our colleges and in the field, the Ministerial Association . is presenting through THE MINISTRY a survey of twelve fields of denominational, semidenominational, and lay missionary activity. Specialists in vari­ous fields of soul-winning endeavor share with our readers intensely practical discussions on their specialized fields of interest, outlining the opportunities and the requirements involved.

Twelve phases, or kinds, of evangelism will be covered by twelve different writers. Thus will the young man or young woman who is looking forward to some type of missionary activity be enabled to choose intelligently the vocation best suited to his or her natural abili­ties and opportunity for training. In order to avoid disappointments both to the individual and to the employing organization, certain cau­tions are uttered. We offer these articles with a prayer that this guidance will present a ring­ing challenge which will incite enthusiasm and bring out the best in the young people who read. We believe that our young men and women in training will be eager to receive and thoughtfully weigh this counsel.

Elder Skinner leads the procession with his article on youth evangelism. Other avenues to be covered in forthcoming numbers are pas­toral evangelism, radio evangelism, medical evangelism, singing evangelism, literature evangelism, missions evangelism, press evange­lism, lay evangelism, and personal evangelism (Bible work).


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January 1949

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