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March 1949


Editorial Postscripts

From the back-page of the Ministry.


World Mission Conference

A report from the Annual World Missions Conference in Columbus, Ohio.


The Anointing of the Spirit

VI.—Office and Work of the Holy Spirit


Amazing "90%" Evidence

Could alco­hol actually be charged with 90 percent of the crimes committed in this country?


Mealtime Physiology

The monthly health message column.


Working Together in Soul Winning

I believe that our work in the vineyard of the Lord will be sealed with marked suc­cess if we will follow the blueprint in detail. But on the other hand, very meager results will be seen if we try to cut corners. The great problems of apostasy and other related church problems would be largely solved if the laymen were properly trained for service, and urged to work for the salvation of souls.


Israel's Failure to Evangelize—II

A column devoted to Soul-Winning Plans, Problems, and Methods


The Temple of Truth

The Temple of Truth is a device used by our evangelistic group in Portland to pre­sent the Advent message more convinc­ingly. The public's response was so favorable that we thought our fellow workers might de­sire to share it with us, adapting it to suit the personal approach.


The Sound of a Going

News from world secretaries.


Origin of the Bible Work

VI. Future of Our Bible Work


Shinto, the "Way of the Gods

What is Shintoism?


From Medieval Church Music to Modern Hymns

Have you ever wondered how long peo­ple have been singing hymns such as are common to the modern church service?


Advancing Despite Repression in Spain

Due to the shortage of workers, several churches were left to themselves. Only four major places could be shepherded, but excellent results followed. Today we see fulfilled the words of God's messenger, who told us that that which was not done in time of liberty would be done in time of great difficulty.


Recent Evangelism in Shanghai

A recent report on evangelistic meetings in Shangai.


Faults That Cry Out for Correction

There are several grave weaknesses that need to be brought definitely to the attention of our ministry; and in bringing them we do so humbly, with a prayer that through God's Holy Spirit we may have impressed upon us our need for greater love and kindness, and a positive desire to speak and labor as Jesus did.


  How Long Is "Three Days"?—No. 3


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