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May 1949


Pointer's to Progress

Monthly pulpit pointer's by the Ministry staff.


The Early Rain of the Spirit

VIII. Work of Holy Spirit


Quotable Quotes From the Temperance Convention

Compiled by J.A. Buckwalter


When You Conduct Your First Cooking School

* A list of cookbooks and nutrition aids was printed in the April MINISTRY. An auxiliary list of pamphlets, charts, and aids on other phases will appear soon on these pages.--Editors.


Evangelistic Field School in Pittsburgh

A report from this metropolitan campaign.


Calendar Reform

The Sab­bath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath (Mark 2:27). I have in mind the greatest of all the Sabbaths, Easter, the com­memoration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, the pledge of our own resurrection.


The Foursquare Character of the Church

To illustrate its fourfold character, one may liken the church to a square, as in Revelation 21, where the Holy City "lieth foursquare." It is one and the same church, only functioning in a fourfold capacity. Each side of the square represents an equally important and essential aspect.


A Composite Picture of the Minister's Wife

This article is by Mrs. H. S. Smith, whose husband is minister of the Christian Church, Ashtabula, Ohio. Portion of ar­ticle reprinted by permission from Church Manage­ment, June, 1948.


New Church in Oakland, California

A look at the opening of the new SDA church at 280 Grand Avenue Oakland, California.


Among the Mohammedans of Fiji

Mr. Mohammad Alt Jinnah died on Saturday, September 18. Throughout Fiji memorial services were conducted on the fol­lowing Monday. My wife, son, and I had just come to take up our missionary work in the large town of Ba.


Evangelism by Bible Instructors

A story from World War II.


Pointers on British Israelism

The monthly bible instructor column.


Preparation of the Field—No. II

How shall we prepare the field?


First Aid for the Tent Master

Helpful advice on the cost, care, and unkeep of all things related to the equipment of a major tent effort.


Early Christian Tombs Near Jerusalem

Avoiding sensational statements and stories concerning archaeological discoveries.


New Day of Evangelism in Japan

A most unique opportunity in the history of missions.


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