Pointers on British Israelism

The monthly bible instructor column.

By ALMEDA GUSTAVSEN HAMREN, Bible Instructor, Vancouver, Canada

I. JEWS AND ISRAELITES THE SAME PEOPLE. According to Ezra's record, the peoples who returned from exile are called Israel twenty times, and Jews eight times. In Nehemiah they are called Israel sixteen times, and Jews ten times. This would prove that the Jews and Israelites are not two distinct peoples and that the names are used interchangeably.



1. Children of Israel kept dedication. Ezra 6 :16.

2.Some of Israel went to Jerusalem. Ezra 7:7.

3.All Israel dwelt in cities. Neh. 7:73.

4.A number of Israelites returned 721 B.C. 2 Chron. 34:9.

5.Considerable remnant of Israel lived in Palestine one hundred years after the taking of Samaria. 2 Chron. 15:9.

6.Not lost nationally but spiritually. Matt. to :6 ; r8 :II.


1. In Old and New Testament, names Jews and Israel apply to same people.

2. In books of Ezra and Nehemiah resi­dents of Judah were more often called Israelites, and in book of Esther those in captivity were always called Jews.

3. Paul a Jew. Acts 21 :9; 22:3.

4. Paul also an Israelite. Rom. II :1 ; 2 Cor. II: 22.

"The people known as Jews may be re­garded as fairly entitled to be represen­tatives of the interests and destiny of the whole twelve tribes."-JoHN WIL­KINSON, Israel My Glory.

1. Prophecy of the return of Israel from captivity. The sticks for Judah, Israel, Joseph, and Ephraim were all made one stick, thus indicating they were all joined together into one kingdom. Eze. 37:I-20.

2. Last of Old Testament prophets ad­dressed words to both Israel and Judah with no hint of any lost tribes. Mal. I:I; 2:11; 3:4.

3. Anna of the tribe of Aser (Asher), one of the ten tribes, evidently not lost at this time. Luke 2:36.

4. Paul refers to twelve tribes. Acts 26:7. Does not refer to ten tribes only. Luke 1:16.

5. Jew and Israel used interchangeably. Matt. 2:1-6.

6. Disciples asked whether kingdom re­stored to Israel. Acts 1:6. If this refers to ten tribes only, then British-Israel theory of "Kingdom Age" is destroyed by Christ's answer in verse 7. "Not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father bath put in His own power."

7. "Dispersed among the Gentiles"-those of the ten tribes who remained in cap­tivity. John 7:35. But they were known as Jews not Gentiles.

8. Jews referred to as "men of Israel" by Peter. Acts 2 :5 ; 3:12.

9. Peter addressed members of Jewish council as "ye rulers of the people, and elders of Israel." He charged "all the people of Israel" with crucifixion of Christ. Acts 4:8-10.

Repentance and forgiveness offered to Israel-surely not to ten tribes only. Acts 5:31.

10. James addresses his letter to "twelve tribes . . . scattered abroad." James I :1.


1. Scattered and despised among all na­tions. Deut. 28 :64-66. Therefore not Britain.

2. Word Jew used as synonym for sharp and shady practices. Deut. 28:37. Brit­ain has been connected with honorable dealings.

3. A reproach among nations. Eze. 5 : 14, 15.

4. "Dwell alone"; "not to be reckoned among the nations." Num. 23:9.

5. "Worship of heathen." Turks possessed their temple. Eze. 7 :24.

6. Desolation of Jerusalem. Jer. 9:11-16.

7. Without a king many days. 'Hosea 3: 4, 5.

"It is worth noting that before Lord Beaconsfield-Britain's Jewish Prime Minister-came into power, our fore­fathers were often just as brutal to the Jews as any other nation. For Lord Cromwell was practically the first to commence to remove the anti-Semitic laws under which the Jews were living, and this work was completed by Lord Beaconsfield. Can the exponents of the British Israel theory explain this in the light of their contention?"—DR. L. SALE-HARRISON, The Remarkable Jew.

8. Isles means coast line, or sea coasts. Gen. 10 :20, 31, 32, 4, 5.

9. Does not apply to "pyramid" teaching. Pillar means altar. Isa. 19:19, 20; Gen. 35:14, 15.


1. Jews rejected as a nation. I Thess. 2: 14-16.

2. Children of the promise. Rom. 9:6-8.

3. True Israel developed by grafting. Rom. 9:25, 26.

4. "Other sheep I have." John to :16.

5. "If ye be Christ's." Gal. 3 :29.



J. C. Stevens. Palestine in Prophecy, Voice of Prophecy, Box 5511, Glendale, California.

Dr. L. Sale-Harrison. The Anglo-Saxon Nation,

Is Great Britain Israel?

________________ The Remarkable few, New York City,  Loizeaux Bros.


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By ALMEDA GUSTAVSEN HAMREN, Bible Instructor, Vancouver, Canada

May 1949

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