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June 1949


Pointer's to Progress

Make Full Proof of Thy Ministry"


Movies in Prayer Meeting?

Yes, we know that some evangelists use mov­ing pictures as crowd getters; I have done it myself in times past. But evangelistic meetings are not in exactly the same category as prayer meetings.


The Latter Rain of the Spirit

IX.—Office and Work of the Holy Spirit


A Higher Level of Musicianship

The monthly music column on musical excellence.


Health Supper at Utica, New York

A Dorcas Federation was held on December 5 at the Amer­ican Legion hall in Utica, New York.


From Physical to Spiritual

Conscientious physical diagnosis should, and often does, lead to spiritual diagnosis.


The Personality of Your Radio Voice

Probably no greater compliment was ever paid a man than when it was said of Jesus, "The common people heard Him gladly." How can this be applied to the radio?


Multiple Challenge of Radio

We need to catch a new pitch in our broad­casting plans for the future.


Successful Radio Workshop

The first denominational radio workshop proved to be a true success.


The Bible and Tradition

On Sunday afternoon, February 6, 1949, some interesting remarks were made by Bishop Duane G. Hunt about the Sabbath in a Catholic-hour broadcast over our local Edmonton radio station CJCA.


Endure Hardness as Good Soldiers

There is danger that some of the younger workers of the Advent Movement will go "soft."


To Reveal or to Conceal

A new day has dawned for Adventist recognition and growth.


Pamphlet on Daniel and the Revelation

The monthly query column.


The Jehovah's Witnesses

Written as a class project while attending the Seminary.


Provision for Gospel Visitor

According to the divine pattern for Bible work, the Bible instructor is more than a home visitor. But there is also a definite work to be performed by the "gospel visitor," which is recognized by the Spirit of prophecy.


Repetition—an Advertising Fundamental

You seldom find a good Seventh-day Adventist who has the Coca-Cola habit; but, as a denomination, we might well analyze the advertising technique that sells 34,000,000 bottles of this beverage a day.


New Twentieth-Century Course

We have carefully examined the ten new lessons of the Twentieth-Century Bible Course entitled "Hope for the World."


The Pitching and Care of Tents

In some localities tent meetings are practical and economical for holding public meet­ings, but great care should be taken to see that they are rightly conducted so as to represent the message we bear.


Chicago Evangelistic Campaign

In Chicago the Illinois Conference has undertaken a unique evangelistic program.


Practical Theology in Operation

This has been a progressive year in our college ministerial training program. A fresh impetus is being given to intensify­ing the practical approach in training our young men.


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