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July 1949


Editorial Postscript!

From the back page of the Ministry.


Australasian Inter-Union

Word from your association secretaries.


The Keys of the Kingdom

The disciples were slow to believe Christ's predictions of the overthrow of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple.


"The Loud Cry"

X. Office and Work of the Holy Spirit


The Pitching and Care of Tents

The care given to a tent is very important. The tent master should feel it his responsi­bility to give it the best of care.


Tent Front Specifications

The thirty-foot front of our "Prophecy in the News" tent was built on an angle, af­fording a good view from the arterial intersec­tion directly in front of the tent.


How to Win More Men

From the Pacific Union Ministerial Institute.


C. M. E. Offering

Like our other colleges, the medical school is in need of financial support.


Diet and Narcotics

We deplore the condition that exists in the world today. Many are calling attention to it, but seldom is attention called to the causes.


City Health Evangelism

Some experiences are above the ordinary. Two such have occurred within the last year that to my mind qualify as extraor­dinary.


A Soul-Winning Experience

A special testimony to share.


Safety Zones in Health Work

Somewhere between the two extremes of attitude toward health instruction by our ministers there is a happy and safe middle of the road.


Statistical Figures on the March

Statistics can be made interesting. This was demonstrated recently in a morning devotional period of the General Confer­ence in Washington. Built around a missionary theme, Seventh-day Adventist membership sta­tistics were clothed in the colorful imagery of mission vignettes.


Champions of Orthodoxy in Exposition

"A More Excellent Way"


Practical Theology in Operation

What various people are saying.


Teamwork With the Evangelist

Colporteur evangelists occupy a unique place in the ranks of the workers in God's cause. They constitute the advance guard of the church of Christ.


The Ideal Evangelistic Pianist

After considerable experience I would say there is no other musician of whom so much is expected as the pianist.


Will There Be Another Special Messenger?

Is Mrs. White the only one through whom God will speak to the remnant church through the Spirit of prophecy, or may we look for an­other to fill that office?


Assemblies of God (Pentecostal)

The Assemblies of God is the largest of a group of organizations and unorganized bodies which together constitute what is known as the Pentecostal movement.


Approach to Buddhists

Written at request of editor to accompany article on Buddhism by Marcedene Wood, which appeared in the December, 1948, issue.


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