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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry. 

TIMETABLE!—It is not enough to possess, or even to believe and accept, the in­spired and flawless prophetic timetable of the centuries, with all the scheduled events of the years outlined and the historical landmarks and the great stations and junction points all indi­cated. Even the designated times of arrival and departure may all be mastered, and yet be of no real avail, for a mere knowledge of the di­vine timetable will never transport one to the end of the line. He must board the Everlasting Gospel Limited in order to reach the kingdom­of-God destination. One may know all about the marvelous equipment, the choice appoint­ments, the major stops, the gorgeous scenery, the majestic rivers, the long, dark tunnels, the crossings, the changes of time and crew, the boundary lines and customs, and the beautiful grand terminal station at last—and never reach its wails of safety. He must board the gospel streamliner to reach that grand goal of the ages. But once aboard, with the prophetic time­table in hand and one eye on the clock of pro­phetic time, and the other on the stations of history as they come into sight, one may check the scheduled landmarks on the royal road to the kingdom as each passes by. Be it never for­gotten, it is the gospel train that takes you through. The divine signal system is operating flawlessly, the roadbed is safe, and the train is trustworthy. The green lights are on, and the Engineer never makes a mistake. Furthermore, the train is running on schedule time. So the prospects are as bright as the promises and prophecies of God—if one is aboard the Ever­lasting Gospel Limited. There is no other way to negotiate the distance, and to reach the des­tination point of time and eternity.

HARMONIZE!—The difference be­tween the cold, ethical, but lifeless, learned homilies and moral preachments uttered from the pulpits of many of the most famous churches of the land, in contrast to the warm, saving, transforming gospel messages of God's grace that come from the rostrums of churches where the power of the transforming Christ is still preached, needs no comment. It illustrates well the difference between two types of reli­gious music that vie for control in some of our churches in carrying out our soul-winning mis­sion. It is the issue of the classical, erudite, messageless, standard sheet music and choral anthem that is used by nominal Protestants, versus songs that are tuneful but dignified songs with a heart appeal, songs with a vital message, songs that transform hearts and keep them singin.., songs in tune with this message but out of harmony with stilted modern pulpits and their hopeless formalism, which we are not to emulate and cannot follow. Our mandate calls for separation and coming out from such respected and accepted, but meaningless plati­tudes. We have a work to do, a task to com­plete. Our music must match and harmonize with the spoken message of God—vibrant, ap­pealing, effective ; in other words, fundamen­tally Adventist in tone and content.

SURVEY!—Pause in your intense rush and bustle long enough to think medita­tively and constructively. Take a detached view of yourself, your work, and your course of life and action. Are you putting first things first? Are you building wisely and solidly for the fu­ture, as well as the present? Is there needless action, lost motion, unprofitable time and effort in your life, that does not count for much? Perhaps you need to shift your emphasis and recast your time budget. There are only twen­ty-four hours in the day. Time is short. Souls are perishing, and God expects results from our efforts. Let us take a candid inventory of ourselves.

GRIPERS!—Many ministerial wives are an inspiration. They radiate sunshine and cheer, and smile their way into the hearts of the people. They exert a wholesome, stimu­lative influence and are a constant stay and support to their husband's work. Refined and courageous, always optimistic despite adverse conditions, they are a joy to see and hear in action. God bless them! Others, alas, are crotch­ety and critical. They fuss at the weather, be­moan the difficulties, and complain at the unresponsiveness of the people. They talk about the living quarters and the working conditions. They are themselves restive and dissatisfied, and keep their husbands agitated and uncom­fortable. Fortunately, there are not many in their unhappy category. Some need to be con­verted; others need to reconsecrate themselves to service in places of need and of difficulty. VVe all need to restudy the life of the Master, who had not where to lay His head, and who lived and labored under most adverse limita­tions and privations. Few of us have ever been called upon really to sacrifice or to suffer. May the grace of God transform all gripers into gracious workmen for Him.

L. E. F.

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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry. 

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