EVANGELISTIC OBJECTIVES AND TECHNIQUES: Taking Truth to the Multitudes—at a Cost We Can Afford

"It may be unpleasant to face, but we cannot ignore the fact that, in spite of our best efforts, the general public is grossly ignorant of what Seventh-day Adventists believe and why."

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HEALTH EVANGELISM: Health Feature Stressed in Atlanta Effort

"A prominent feature during the evangelistic effort held at Atlanta by M. K. Eckenroth and his group of workers was the Better Living Series."

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HEALTH EVANGELISM: Clinic Wins Community Friends

"After two years of practical application I am firmly convinced of the premise that the divine blueprint is still the best medical guide available to S.D.A."

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RADIO AND TELEVISION EVANGELISM: Telecasting the Advent Message

Continuation of the same article from last month.

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