A Tribute

"This is a tribute to a leader known for his kindness, courtesy, understanding, and approachability. "

General Conference Field Secretary

This is a tribute to a leader known for his kindness, courtesy, understanding, and approachability. He was never too busy to greet any and all. He was never abrupt, aloof, or caustic, but always kind. He was never too pre occupied to listen to your problem and to get your viewpoint. You felt he had not prejudged your case, and was not listening perfunctorily, with a closed mind. You sensed that he was listening to your viewpoint or problem.

His counsel was uniformly penetrating and remarkably sound, as time would usually indicate. He was never precipitous or rash. He was even-tempered and did not jump to conclusions, but considered all relevant factors. Sometimes his counsel was not what you had desired. Occasionally it was die opposite of what you had hoped for. You had wanted decisive action, but you were counseled to wait. Time is a great adjuster. Sometimes you preferred to by-pass an issue, but you were urged to meet it decisively. And time usually vindicated the wisdom of the counsel.

He was ever the Christian gentleman, a public representative of this cause of whom one could always feel justly proud. He was a wise planner, but carried the brethren along with him, utilizing their talents and suggestions instead of pressing his program upon them regardless. You were a better man for the association. Give us a host of men like that!



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General Conference Field Secretary

January 1952

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