Use of the Voice

BIBLE INSTRUCTOR: Use of the Voice

(Based on the book Evangelism, by Ellen G. White)

Bible Instructor, British Columbia Conference

I. IMPORTANCE OF PROPER SPEAKING. (Pages- 665, 667-669.)

1. The gospel worker is God's mouthpiece.

2. Imperfect utterance dishonors God.

3. Truth marred if communicated through- defective utterance.

4. Voice tones affect hearts of hearers.

5. Voice a precious gift from God.

6. Perfection of speech and voice should be urged.

7. Bad speaking habits hinder work.


II. How TO SPEAK. (Pages 665-668, 174.)

1. Speak in full, round tones.

2. Speak clearly with expression.

3. Read with soft, musical cadence.

4. Speak correctly and forcibly, with expression.

5. Do not talk in loud voice or high key.

6. Rapid talking destroys effect of dis course.

7. Preserve pathos and melody of voice.

8. Cultivate to promote its musical quality.

9. Do not speak by impulse. 

10. In reproving speak with Christlike tenderness and love.


III. CHRIST'S EXAMPLE. (Pages 670, 56.)

1. Spoke slowly and calmly. Hearers caught meaning.

2. Gave vital force and impressiveness to all His utterances.

3. Did not raise His voice to an unnatural key.

4. His hearers caught the very intonation of His voice.


IV. VOICE IN SONG. (Pages 505, 508, 506.)

1. Not loud singing.

2. Clear intonation, correct pronunciation, distinct utterance.

3. Cultivate voice for singing.

4. Modulate the voice, soften and subdue.

5. Human voice more pleasing to God than musical instruments.


V. PHYSICAL ASPECT. (Pages 669, 668, 667.)

1. Observe proper breathing. Use diaphragm.

2. If voice used correctly, you may speak to . thousands as easily as ten.

3. Voice training important in physical culture.

4. When organs of speech are strained modulations of voice are lost.5. Vocal organs become enfeebled if used improperly.



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Bible Instructor, British Columbia Conference

March 1952

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