Kneeling, You See Better

"And so it is that from our knees we can best look into the face of Jesus, the Saviour."

On Norrecade [Norre Street], in Copenhagen, is an old cathedral. When you step into the central auditorium, decorated with the re strained elegance and chaste simplicity characteristic of the Nordic people, your eye is drawn to an attention- arresting figure dominating the altar area. It is a giant figure of Christ with His hands outstretched.

As you come closer you see lettered on the pedestal the words "Come unto Me." You see the beauty of the general effect, and you note details the fine hands, the tender, expressive face. But there is something strange about that face. The eyes are downcast; you do not see in them the invitation suggested by the out stretched hands.

If you are fortunate, at this point you will likely hear behind you the quiet low voice of the old sexton:

"My friend, this statue was made by a very great artist who was also a Christian. He left here a lesson for posterity. You do not see the eyes of Christ from where you stand, so you do not get the meaning at all. Get down on your knees, friend, right here in front of the figure. Now look up. Now you are looking into His eyes, those wonderful eyes full of love, tenderness, and understanding."

And so it is that from our knees we can best look into the face of Jesus, the Saviour.

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April 1952

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