The Laymen's Burden for Souls

PULPIT: The Laymen's Burden for Souls

Sermon Outline

President, Southern Asia Division


1. Christ's the Great Teacher's burden for souls.



1. Consider the Master Teacher. Heb. 3:1. 

2. His very existence. John 4:34. 

a. Humble life yet mighty power. 

b. Secret of that power. 

c. Weeps over Jerusalem. 

d. Staked all in passing on His Spirit to disciples. Change that came into their lives.

3. At the cleansing of the Temple. John 2:17. 

a. Jesus a man of intense feeling. 

b. We must mix courage with our passion for souls. When the people saw the bold ness of Peter and John. Acts 4:13.



1. As he sat making tents. I Cor. 9:16.

2. So great was his burden for others. Rom. 9:3.

3. What he told the Ephesian elders. Acts 20:31.

4. The divine imperative upon him. Acts 19:21.

5. Shouts with holy fervor. Rom. 1:16.

6. When his friends urged him not to go to Jerusalem. Acts 21:13.



1. Living in a wonderful time. Luke 10:23, 24.

2. Should stir our hearts. Matt. 9:37, 38. 

a. Many openings. 

b. Acts of the Apostles, p. 109. 

c. Duke of Wellington on Matt. 28:19.

3. Shall be fishers of men. Matt. 4:19. Shall catch men. Luke 5:10.

4. Should have fire in our bones. Jer. 20:9.

5. Job "full of words." Old Puritan preacher's words. Job 32:18, margin.

6. Testimony of others. 

a. William Carey. 

b. John Wesley. 

c. Jesus. d. Paul.



1. Taken alive for God. Luke 5:10.

2. Taken alive for Satan. 2 Tim. 2:26.

3. Every one of our pupils will be "taken alive" either by Jesus or by Satan, which may de pend upon us as teachers.


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President, Southern Asia Division

May 1952

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