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June 1952


Pointers to Progress

Group of three short articles by the editors



Author unknown


SHEPHERDESS: The Minister's Wife in Public Life & Additional Topics for Ministers' Wives' Meetings

The Ministerial Family—Part IV



Contains two articles


MUSIC: The College Choir as an Evangelistic Agent

The original published version of this article contains one or more illustrations. To view the illustrations, please view the PDF version of this issue which can be found in our archives.


EVANGELISM: Integrating the Health Program in the Evangelistic Campaign

The importance of a health program


EVANGELISM: Illustrating "Signs of Christ's Coming in Our Day''

An useful device to illustrate the subject


PASTOR: Social Life of the Church

"The church needs social functions occasionally in order that the members may become better acquainted and genuinely interested in one another."


PASTOR: How Pastors Make News

"Some pastors are always in the news; some are never in the news."


PULPIT: God's Two Covenants With Man Part I

Study Outline


PASTOR: Colporteurs Helpful Church Workers

"For the past two years the publishing leaders and the colporteurs of the Pacific Union have been trying to develop a plan whereby the colporteurs can cooperate more definitely with the home missionary department, the pastor, and the local church organization in soul winning."


PASTOR: The Evangelistic Colporteur Your Scout

"Since the last General Conference session the Publishing Department of the General Conference has been emphasizing the important place that the colporteur occupies in a great forward, aggressive, evangelistic program."


PULPIT: The Worker's Clipping File

"Those files! those precious files! How grateful I am that material had been gathered and filed through the years. I started with an orange crate, and now have four cabinets!"


PULPIT: The Workers' Reading Program

How Books Are Chosen for the Ministerial Book Club


The Preacher's Personal Power

"They had the arguments, but they had more; they had all the power of heaven behind them."


FEATURES: "The Things That Are Caesar"

"It is my conviction that a fitting appreciation of citizenship in the municipality, the county, the State, the nation in which one lives..."


FEATURES: Winning Personality Traits

The personality traits that make ministers successful


Cultivation of the Mind

Author unknown


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