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Cultivation of the Mind

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Cultivation of the Mind


A minister should never think that he has learned enough, and may now relax his efforts. His education should continue throughout his lifetime. "Gospel Workers," p. 94.

Ministers of age and experience should feel it their duty, as Cod's hired servants, to go forward, progressing every day, continually becoming more efficient in their work, and constantly gathering fresh matter to set before the people. . . .

God has no use for lazy men in His cause; He wants thoughtful, kind, affectionate, earnest workers. Active exertion will do our preachers good. . . .

Persons who have not acquired habits of close industry and economy of time, should have set rules to prompt them to regularity and dispatch. . . .

Men of God must be diligent in study, earnest in the acquirement of knowledge, never wasting an hour. Through persevering exertion they may rise to almost any degree of eminence as Christians, as men of power and influence. . . .

Everyone should feel that there rests upon him an obligation to reach the height of intellectual greatness. . . .

Mental culture is what we as a people need, and what we must have in order to meet the demands of the time. Poverty, humble origin, and unfavorable surroundings need not pre vent the cultivation of the mind. "Ibid.," pp. 277-280.



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