Social Life of the Church

PASTOR: Social Life of the Church

"The church needs social functions occasionally in order that the members may become better acquainted and genuinely interested in one another."

Bible Instructor, Kansas Conference

The church needs social functions occasionally in order that the members may become better acquainted and genuinely interested in one another. There is nothing that will break up cliques in a church like a good Sabbath school picnic. It warms up the chilly ones, loosens up the staid, and sends nationalism out the back door

A shady grove by a trickling stream is an ideal setting for such an occasion. Choose a day when as many as possible are free to attend. It should be announced long enough in advance to work up enthusiasm and anticipation of a good time. It should be talked up freely, so that everyone will be picnic-minded.

When it is decided that the church is to have a picnic, then committees should be chosen. Let the committees give some real thought to it, in order to make it a joyous social function where everything will pass off with decorum and pleasantness. A program committee should be appointed to take charge of the games, arrange for speeches if any, and plan for the general good-time part of the picnic, giving special attention to the children's games and their entertainment.

Another committee should be chosen to arrange for the dinner. Middle-aged mothers in Israel should be on this committee, so that a wholesome spread will be provided for, as well as an adequate one. In order to avoid having too little of one food and too much of another, the main items of the menu should be assigned to those who are known to prepare certain articles well salads, entrees, sandwiches, desserts, etc. Ask each one to shine in her line. This plan gives assurance that there will be no embarrassment when the spread is laid.

The picnic should be held when the season is most conducive for comfort and productive for the lunch basket. Late summer or early autumn is a good time. Outdoor recreation is more enjoyable and beneficial than indoor. It should not be too hot or too cool for comfort.

New members should be urged to attend as guests, with no responsibility for providing a lunch basket. Make them feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. It is not a day for religious exercises, but a day for pleasant, whole some recreation. The time should be midday, somewhere between ten and four o'clock. If everything passes off pleasantly, the memory of it will be sweet for months to come.



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Bible Instructor, Kansas Conference

June 1952

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