Other Voices Augment Swelling Advent Chorus- Are You Wearing Out Too Soon?

A highly significant congress has just been concluded here in New York City, where I am writing the International Congress on Bible Prophecy.It continued a little over a week, November 9-16, and was conducted under the skilled chairmanship of Dr. John W. Bradbury, editor of the well-known Baptist national weekly, The Watchman-Examiner.

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Evangelism in London-New Advertising Kit for Evangelists-The Evangelistic Cooking School

The Review and Herald has carried considerable news on the London campaign, but we want to share just a few of the more intimate details with our fellow workers through THE MINISTRY.

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The Bible After Twenty Years of Archeology-Jehovah, Not the Hills

Periodical stocktaking is a necessity in all progressive fields. The more recent the development of any scientific or scholarly field of investigation, the more necessary does such stocktaking become.

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