Radio in Southern Asia

The voice of Prophecy is on the lips and in the hearts of Southern Asia's listening audience.

A. E. RAWSON, Radio Secretary and Bible School Director, Southern Asia Division

The voice of Prophecy is on the air. It is also on the lips and in the hearts of Southern Asia's listening audience. The Voice of Prophecy English and ver­nacular programs are among Radio Ceylon's main features, and it is a known fact that the Voice of Prophecy, carrying the voice of H. M. S. Richards, has promoted Radio Ceylon more than any other broadcast.

The Voice of Prophecy has cemented a bond of friendship between itself and its supporters and has built up a reservoir of good will throughout the East that time will only serve to strengthen. We believe there are thousands in Southern Asia of whom we know very little who have be­come members of God's eternal kingdom as a result of the Voice of Prophecy program.

The following testimony confirms our belief that when the full story of the Voice of Prophecy's accomplishments and achievements is revealed, we will exclaim, "The half was never told!"

"I regret to inform you of the sad demise of my beloved father at the age of sixty-five. An inner feeling has been prompting me and urging me to write to his beloved Bible school and inform them of this sad news.

"My father studied both your Bible courses and received his certificates. He was also a regular lis­tener-in to your weekly radio broadcasts. Though he was born a Hindu by caste and a Brahmin by sect, I can truthfully say that he was a Christian at heart.

"Although he did not accept Christ openly and take baptism, as the head of our family he induced my wife, my niece, and lastly, myself to accept Christ as our only Saviour. Please pray that my father may have eternal peace with Jesus."

At the present time Southern Asia is sponsoring fourteen radio programs weekly. Thirteen are released over Radio Ceylon and one over Radio Burma. These programs are beamed to India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Europe, Malaya, South­east Asia, and Africa. In fact, we have had wonderful responses from people living in practically every country of the world. Our radio mail averages three thousand letters monthly. This is remarkable when we con­sider that the East has not yet caught on to the idea of writing in to the sponsors or the radio station.

During the latter part of 1954 our mail­bags contained letters from England, Ire­land, Sweden, Italy, East and West Africa, Mauritius, Rhodesia, Ethiopia, the Gold Coast, the Seychelles Islands, Madagascar, the Persian Gulf, Arabia, Afghanistan, Ba­luchistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, India, Cey­lon, Burma, Malaya, Borneo, Indochina, Indonesia, and the United States.

Letters we receive from our radio lis­teners prove beyond doubt that the radio programs are filling the hearts of thou­sands with courage, hope, and peace. Here is what one listener writes:

"I am a regular listener to your weekly radio broadcast. They are indeed inspiring programs. They fill my heart with tranquillity and peace. Although a non-Christian, your broadcasts have led me to Christ, and I humbly submit myself to the Saviour of all mankind.

"The radio talks have revealed the truth clearly before my eyes, and I am determined to confess Christ and join the true church. Please pray for me."

Prejudice Broken Down

Many benefits have attended our efforts to spread the message in this great land.

First of all, we have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams in breaking down the barriers of prejudice that for years have been erected by a non-Christian people against Christianity. This is no small achievement, for it is well known that the philosophies of the East and West are as far separated as the poles. Today, however, the picture is changed, and the Adventist doctrine is known throughout Southern Asia. And, more than this, our teachings and beliefs have penetrated into the high­est circles, which in Southern Asia repre­sent the kernel of heathenism.

Second, we know that God is working through the government to assist us in spreading the message through the me­dium of the radio, for today in all the big cities, and even in important towns and villages, public-address systems have been installed in parks, restaurants, and other public places, so that even those who do not possess radios of their own, or who can­not even read or write, can take advantage of the facilities provided by this public-ad­dress system and listen to our radio pro­grams. Many of our overseas and indige­nous workers can testify to the truth of this statement, for they have heard with their own ears our broadcasts coming over the air while they have been eating in restau­rants or sitting in parks. When we con­sider that a goodly portion of Southern Asia's millions are illiterate and poverty-stricken, we cannot but marvel at the way in which God sometimes takes matters into His own hands, and so it is that we know that God is helping us to spread the mes­sage in these last days, and to reach every living soul in this great land.

Third, Southern Asia is on the move—toward Christ. Never before were there so many hungering and thirsting for spiritual things. This we know from the amazing progress of our Bible schools. Our enroll­ment figures are ever on the increase, and the rate at which our vernacular schools are growing has to be witnessed to be be­lieved.

Fourth, perhaps a measure of our suc­cess can be determined from the encour­aging attendance at our various evangelis­tic campaigns. When a campaign is to be held, a special letter is sent to all of our radio listeners and Bible school students requesting them to attend the lectures, and from the reports we receive from time to time of such efforts, it is very evident that the thousands who attend these lectures ap­preciate the spoken word as much as the written page, or even more. One evange­list, who is holding a series of evangelistic meetings in one of India's large cities, wrote saying that 75 per cent of those who are attending these meetings are Voice of Prophecy radio listeners or Bible school students. -Furthermore, he went on to say that 80 per cent of those in the first bap­tismal class are Voice of Prophecy stu­dents. The same evangelist sent a second letter saying that almost 100 per cent of those in the second baptismal class are Voice of Prophecy students!

In Ceylon we understand that 95 per cent of those who are baptized are radio listeners or students of our Bible school. This news, coming as it does from a pre­dominantly Buddhist country, is most heartening indeed, and shows that the Lord is using the radio broadcasts as a means of breaking down prejudice, creat­ing a real interest in the minds of people for spiritual things, and preparing their hearts to accept this gospel message.

The great Mohammedan country of Pak­istan is at last responding to our message. From every section of Pakistan come cheer­ing reports of people accepting Christ as their Saviour and joining the Advent Movement in its onward march to the heavenly Canaan.

War-torn and unsettled Burma is also reaching out its hands for the Bread of Life. The radio program and Bible school are ministering to its needs, and many are being brought into the fold of Christ.

When we view the work done by the Voice of Prophecy in the past, and follow, too, its successful growth and achievements till the present time, we can only lift up our hearts to God and voice our humble thanks for His divine guidance, and with courage and hope earnestly beseech Him to continue to shower His blessings upon us in this great task that has fallen to our lot to complete.

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A. E. RAWSON, Radio Secretary and Bible School Director, Southern Asia Division

April 1955

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