The Voice of Prophecy Benefits All Branches' of the Work

The Voice of Prophecy Benefits All Branches' of the Work

The Voice of Prophecy radio broadcasts and Bible correspondence schools complement and promote the work of all the other regular departments in our denominational program.

ROBERT H. PIERSON, President Kentucky-Tennessee Conference

The Voice of Prophecy radio broadcasts and Bible correspond­ence schools complement and promote the work of all the other regular departments in our denominational program. Occupying such a unique po­sition in our over-all program, the Voice of Prophecy means a great deal to the future of our work in all lands where its influence is felt. As the Voice of Prophecy grows and prospers, its growth and prosperity are re­flected in other branches of the work.

The work of the Voice of Prophecy con­tributes to the growth of our Sabbath schools. As the message goes out over the ether waves week by week, and as thou­sands of students in many lands apply themselves to the study of the Voice of Prophecy Bible lessons, men and women, boys and girls, will be convinced of the message of truth. Long before many are ready to unite with the church in full membership, they will find their way into the Sabbath school. A double blessing re­sults. The seeker for truth is blessed through a systematic study of the Word, the message of an expanding work through the mission reading, and through every item included in a Spirit-filled Sabbath school program. The Sabbath school is blessed as the result of fresh, new blood flowing into its veins in the form of new talent, an enlarged membership, and in­creased offerings. Truly the work of the Voice of Prophecy can mean much to the growth of our Sabbath school work in many lands.

The Voice of Prophecy is opening up thrilling new opportunities for soul win­ning among our lay members. Never before in the history of our work in some lands have there been so many persons calling for visits and Bible studies. Every month the names of thousands of truth-hungry souls requesting personal contact with rep­resentatives from the Voice of Prophecy are sent out to local conference and mis­sion leaders. These are far more than our regular denominational workers can ever hope to care for. This means a thrilling new challenge to the laity of the church to let their light shine in active soul-winning endeavor. With thousands of consecrated lay members faithfully helping to follow up these live interests, who would dare predict what such a program could and will mean to the future of the work in many lands?

The work of the Voice of Prophecy is a strong auxiliary to our program of public evangelism. In Poona, India, it was my privilege to help test the validity of this assertion. The workers in the division office and the publishing house there de­cided early in 1952 to conduct a Voice of Prophecy evangelistic effort. A strong cam­paign for Voice of Prophecy Bible school enrollments was undertaken by the Poona church. Hundreds of students were en­rolled in Poona and its environs. Then a centrally located ball was rented and all plans for the effort were made. Instead of passing out handbills promiscuously, a limited number was mailed or distributed to Voice of Prophecy students and friends. From the first the interest was good. Because of their Voice of Prophecy back­ground their attendance was regular, their behavior exemplary, their response most gratifying. More than twenty Voice of Prophecy students were baptized, a Voice of Prophecy Sabbath school was first organized, followed a few months later by the organization of the Poona city church —this in a place where until a few months ago we had no monument to the message in the city proper.

If our evangelists would precede their efforts with strong Voice of Prophecy en­rollment campaigns, they would find the ground well prepared for their efforts, and when their meetings close they would find many more in their baptismal classes. The evangelist and the Voice of Prophecy working hand in hand means more souls saved! They sow together and reap together, and God's work is built up.

The work of the Voice of Prophecy means more youth in our Missionary Vol­unteer Societies and in our Christian schools. At our Southern Asia Division Youth Congress held in October, 1952, a large majority of the young people present indicated that they were taking or had taken the Bible course. As with the Sab­bath school, so with the Missionary Volun­teer Societies. Interested young people will come to be with other Christian youth. They will likewise become interested in our Christian schools. Today scores of young men and women, boys and girls, are attending our Adventist schools preparing for a place in God's work because of Voice of Prophecy contacts. Think what this will inevitably mean to the future of God's work in such lands.

The work of the Voice of Prophecy adds impetus to our literature program. Here is another double blessing. Colporteurs have been recruited from the ranks of Voice of Prophecy students. They in turn have taken the message of the printed page to others. The Voice of Prophecy broad­casts and Bible lessons prepare the way for the literature evangelists. Instances are not lacking which reveal that hearts have been softened and minds prepared by Voice of Prophecy lessons long before the living colporteur came their way. Through this program of multiblessing the Voice of Prophecy will mean much to the future of our constantly growing literature work in many lands.

The work of the Voice of Prophecy is a mighty soul-winning agency in its own right. Over the ether waves and carried by postal representatives, the Voice of Proph­ecy has taken the third angel's message into countries and territories not yet entered by the living worker. Into Afghani­stan, Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, and other unen­tered territories of the Southern Asia Divi­sion and into unentered areas of many other parts of the world, the truth is being proclaimed by radio and by post. No bor­ders can keep out the radio broadcasts. The ether waves belong to God, and He is us­ing them to His glory. Even though the living witness should ever be denied en­trance, the Lord may use this avenue to preach "the gospel of the kingdom as a witness" to the thousands in closed coun­tries.

What do the Voice of Prophecy Bible schools and broadcasts mean to the future of the work in lands where their influence is felt? They mean added prosperity to every department of our work and more thousands of souls in the kingdom. Let us all continue to give the Voice of Prophecy our fullest support. In supporting the Voice of Prophecy we are supporting God's program—and our own!

We pause here to thank God for the signal way He has blessed the work of the Voice of Prophecy, and with it the radio voice of H. M. S. Richards, during the past twenty-five years.

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ROBERT H. PIERSON, President Kentucky-Tennessee Conference

April 1955

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