A New Visual Aid for Evangelism

A New Visual Aid for EvangelismA New Visual Aid for Evangelism

Announcing the new Pictorial Aid for Bible Study (See pg. 24).

R.A.A. is editor of the Ministry

In this issue we are announcing the Pictorial Aid for Bible Study. (See page 24.) This represents years of development on the part of Frank Breaden, one of our successful evangelists. It is an evangelistic visual aid designed for personal soul win­ners. Do you like something different? Here it is—a series of teaching devices, decision-getting charts, arranged in such a way as to build up and hold the interest. It is artistic and inexpensive, and is a "must" for all who want to become more efficient in this delicate art—"the science of all sciences."


When this project was presented at those great gatherings, the laymen's congresses in North America, it received an over­whelming response, thousands becoming enthusiastic over the possibilities of this new device.

These are days when God is going before us, and every agency that can be used must be used to hasten the message to the ends of the earth and to give us help in sharing our faith with our neighbors and friends. Every evangelist, Bible instructor, lay evangelist, and personal worker will be materially helped by using this teaching aid.

Half a century ago William Simpson developed something similar to this. It was a chart with movable parts to aid in the teaching of the message, and those who worked with him testified to the outstand­ing help it was in the minister's personal work. At that time the messenger of the Lord to this people commended him for his ingenuity and stated that such charts would be used more and more as we neared the end.

Since then, and particularly during the last thirty years, other aids have been devel­oped—stereopticon slides, evangelistic films, black light charts, to say nothing of radio and television. All these have their place; but this simple kit has a place all of its own. We are sure that the experienced and even the inexperienced worker will make increas­ing use of this kit, resulting in a rich harvest of souls for the kingdom. The evangelist who developed this device we have known for many years, and we have had a part with him in its development. The finished prod­uct in the hands of hundreds and thou­sands of earnest witnesses is the answer to many prayers. May the Spirit of God who we believe gave birth to the idea, now em­power those who use it in the presentation of the everlasting gospel.                  


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R.A.A. is editor of the Ministry

May 1956

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