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Monthly pulpit pointer's by the Ministry staff.

By the Ministry staff. 


Some ministers are quite satisfied with themselves, but their congregations are not satisfied with them. Some parishioners are delighted with their minister, but not he with them. There are also those many happy situations where there is mutual satisfaction between priest and people. The question is: How long should a man remain in a given district? Should it be until he tires of his con­gregation or they of him? Many ministers actually prefer a move before their congregations desire it. It requires neither the services of a prophet nor of his offspring to divine that certain lagging district programs are due to the overtaxed "patience of the saints."                                                           

E. E. C.


Our long-anticipated Pictorial Aid for Bible Study! It is truly a work of art as well as of utility. Ev­ery Bible instructor will want this compact, ring-binder visual aid. Every personal worker, intern, and ordained minister will find constant use for it. It has evangelistic charms. Its charts, diagrams, and decision devices are mainly unique. A group of spe­cialists in doctrinal and prophetic teaching have called to their assistance technicians in manufactur­ing a practical teaching aid. There is variety, and its subjects are definitely decision-getting. It is pro­duced in the most convenient form. A large sale is anticipated, and an early response is suggested. These will be available at our camp meetings this summer, for our evangelistic-minded laymen have urged that they be included in this wonderful pro­vision. The publishers have been most cooperative in keeping the cost down on this high-class visual aid. See pages 24 and 47 for more information.


It will be of special interest to our Bible instruc­tors to know that the Pictorial Aid ringbinder port­folio may become the holder for an additional series of build-up charts and diagrams sometime in the future. As our evangelistic visual-aid needs grow, new appeals for the teaching of our present-truth message will be developed. Some workers may have overlooked the importance of these helps so urgently endorsed by the Spirit of prophecy. Unfamiliar truths require practical illustrating, and we are con­fident that this excellent device will bring many a new thrill to the teacher as well as the pupils taught. The less experienced worker will soon discover it to be an interest gripper. Those with longer experience will recognize that a combination of various charts lends variety and emphasis in reviewing important points of truth.

Another helpful feature of Pictorial Aid for Bible Study is its use in conducting laymen's training classes. The build-up charts and diagrams fit into our newer Bible correspondence lessons, so popular in OUT evangelism today. Yes, this visual aid will add new sparkle to our teaching and will prevent ruts and monotony.

While the workmanship on this device is the best to be procured in this price bracket, it may be well for our workers to give some education to our lay­men as to its use. Let us suggest that this is a Bible-teaching tool and not a toy for children. It should be handled reverently and by the teacher. Today our willing laymen are trained for efficiency in the use of various Bible study aids, but they look for direction to our workers. Those responsible for the production of Pictorial Aid for Bible Study hope that this suggestion will be carried out.

Overseas workers will want to get in touch with their local supply houses for the current price of Pictorial Aid for Bible Study in their field.

L. C. K.


The times in which we live call for a strong, courageous ministry. "Men of stamina are wanted," men with a character "that cannot be molded or subdued by adverse circumstances."—The Ministry of Healing, pp. 497, 498.

In times of crisis there have been those who have stood boldly for God. The witness of such leaders has brought courage and hope in the hour of dark­ness, and from these tapers, other lights have been kindled. Among these leaders were the Waldenses in the Piedmont valleys. Science and civilization have brought great changes to our world, but God still needs men who "have moral backbone, an in­tegrity that cannot be flattered, bribed, or terrified." —Ibid., p. 498.

The men who lead the Advent Movement through the storms of the last days will have to be real heroes of the cross. May God make each of us that kind of minister.

A. V. O.


An evangelist was severely criticized for conducting a baptism as early as the sixth week of his meeting. When the facts were made known, there were some red faces around the circle. Those bap­tized had completed one of our correspondence courses and were carefully prepared for baptism. Hesitancy to criticize another's method is ever the better way. When the accounts are settled at the great tribunal, it will be discovered that many pro­cedures now smugly labeled "unorthodox" were God-conceived and Heaven-directed. There is some merit in this paraphrased version of an ancient text: "In patience possess ye your tongues."

E. E. C.

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By the Ministry staff. 

May 1956

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