The Audio-Visual Approach

The double approach to evangelism and missions.

R. M. CHRISTIAN, Field Representative, Audio-Visual Aids

For generations little attention was given to the "seeing eye." The "hearing ear" has always had its appeal. But now, through audio-­visual aids, we have, in beautiful combina­tion, the approach to the eye gate as well as the ear gate. The impact of this double ap­proach cannot be ignored. Happy is the evange­list who early discovers that a combination of the two brings the more lasting results.

Some time ago the Review and Herald was asked by the General Conference officers to take over Audio-Visual Aids for the denomina­tion. Immediately we set about to bring in the most modern and effective devices possible for the giving of the everlasting gospel. Our evan­gelists like to be kept informed concerning what is available. And so at the risk of sounding a bit promotional, we submit these items of in­terest.

Major revisions have been made recently, and these enable us to give valuable aid to our workers. For example, black light in an interest­ing array of designs—a colorama of modern evangelism—is becoming increasingly popular. We are happy to say that complete sets are now available. Then, too, we have just completed the resetting and the retaking of more than 1,800 doctrinal texts in beautiful double-frame filmstrips—filmstrips that can be made into individual slides by an evangelist in his own home.

Another special featbre is Your Radio Doc­tor. Dr. Clifford R. Anderson has produced these splendid health talks on forty medical tapes. These cover a wide assortment of very interesting medical discussions to use in public evangelism, especially in the early part of the campaign. They are fifteen minutes in length and are being illustrated by beautiful, natural-color filmstrips. Even without the filmstrips, these audio tapes, beautifully done, have a very strong appeal in and of themselves. The right arm of the message is having a great appeal through these talks.

Then too, the book Steps to Christ has been illustrated in ten filmstrips under the caption "20th Century Bible Course A." These cover the ten chapters of the book and are beautifully illustrated—a wonderful undergirding for soul-winning evangelism. The Voice of Prophecy has made the narrations to go with these film­strips.

Many of our evangelists are giving large place to junior evangelism in connection with their evangelistic programs. The book When Jesus Was Here, by Ella M. Robinson, has been illustrated in twenty-six filmstrips, with special emphasis being given to the approach so needed in reaching junior youth. The pre-baptism "20th Century Course No. 2" can now be obtained in ten beautiful natural-color film­strips centering the entire course on the text "The Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost."

Films and black-light material are available to aid in holding the attention of the youth. For example, there are the four quarters of child evangelism films. Also we have added twenty-five large sermon outlines to our black-light equipment. These are really fine graphic displays 4 by 8 feet, and are equally suitable for audiences of 2,000 or audiences of less than 100.

Surely in this day the use of audio-visual aids is reaching new prominence, and the church ought to be not one whit behind the world in the methods used as we present our message in a modern setting. From every section of the field we are receiving reports of marvelous experi­ences resulting from the use of this material. Laymen, evangelists, pastors, Bible teachers, in­dicate that through this new approach to the eye and ear new interests are being aroused. For all this we thank our heavenly Father. And we count it a real privilege to uphold your hands while seeking to provide this material for the strengthening of our  united program for the winning of the lost.

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R. M. CHRISTIAN, Field Representative, Audio-Visual Aids

January 1957

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