The Master's Skill

Humil­ity cannot be counterfeited or put on like a coat when the need is felt.

A.C.F. is an associate editor of the Ministry. 

One day Michelangelo was skillfully blending and harmonizing color, giving life and beauty to a canvas. On the other side of the room stood two young art students carefully observing the whole procedure. One student commented in a whisper to the other: "If I had the type of brush he uses, I could do better work—as good as he does."

The master artist tossed aside the brush he was using, and without looking reached into a pile of old and used brushes, took what his hand touched, cleaned it, dipped it into the colors, and continued painting as beautifully as before.

We are but a paintbrush, an instrument in the hand of God. We have no natural comeliness or skill of our own, but if we will be pliant, God will cleanse us, color us with His grace, put us in proper per­spective, and present to the world a picture of beauty, showing symmetry, tact, wisdom, power, and love.

God can use only a humble man. Humil­ity cannot be counterfeited or put on like a coat when the need is felt. The disguise is too transparent. Perhaps no other attribute reveals its genuineness as does humility.

Are we conscious that God can take the ablest minister among us, cast him aside, then reach down to select some individual whose light has hardly had a chance to flicker, and use his lips to speak with power the messages of eternal life?

Ellen G. White encourages us Ivith the following heartening statement:

When divine power is combined with human effort, the work will spread like fire in the stubble. God will employ agencies whose origin man will be unable to discern.—Selected Messages, vol. 1, p. 118.

It has been said that what we need is more men. This would be helpful, to be sure, but really what we need is a better brand of man—the trained but humble instrument combined with the power of God. The Master cannot command big situations with little people. So may we all feel an overwhelming need and an awful insufficiency when kneeling before the beauty and perfection of Jesus, and let our cry be: "Please, Master, take this human brush, and paint a picture for Thy glory."

A. C. F.

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A.C.F. is an associate editor of the Ministry. 

November 1958

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