The Gifts of the Spirit

Uriah Smith, Review and Herald, June 12, 1866.

Uriah Smith, Review and Herald, June 12, 1866.

SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS believe in the gifts of the Spirit. They believe that the varied operations of the Spirit of God, having been once expressly set in the church, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4, were designed to continue therein to the end. . . .

Their fruit is such as to show that the source from which they spring, is the opposite of evil.

They tend to the purest morality. They discountenance every vice, and exhort to the practice of every virtue. They point out the perils through which we are to pass to the kingdom. They reveal the devices of Satan. They warn us against his snares. They have nipped in the bud, scheme after scheme of fanaticism which the enemy has tried to foist into our midst. They have exposed hidden iniquity, brought to light concealed wrongs, and laid bare the evil motives of the false­hearted. They have warded off dangers from the cause of truth upon every hand. They have aroused and re-aroused us to greater consecration to God, more zealous efforts for holiness of heart, and greater diligence in the cause and service of our Master.

They lead us to Christ. Like the Bible, they set Him forth as the only hope and only Saviour of mankind. They portray before us in living characters, His holy life and His godly example, and with irresistible appeals, they urge us to follow in His steps.

They lead us to the Bible. They set forth that book as the inspired and unalterable word of God. They exhort us to take that word as the man of our counsel, and the rule of our faith and practice. And with a compelling power, they entreat us to study-long and diligently its pages, and become familiar with its teaching, for it is to judge us in the last day.

They have brought comfort and consola­tion to many hearts. They have strengthened the weak, encouraged the feeble, raised up the despondent. They have brought order out of confusion, made crooked places straight, and thrown light on what was dark and ob­scure. And no person with an unprejudiced mind, can read their stirring appeals for a pure and lofty morality, their exaltation of God and the Saviour, their denunciations of every evil, and their exhortations to every­thing that is holy and of good report, without being compelled to say, "These are not the words of him that hath a devil."

Negatively, they have never been known to counsel evil or devise wickedness. No in­stance can be found in which they have lowered the standard of morality. No one of their adherents has ever been led by them into paths of transgression and sin. They do not lead men to serve God less faithfully or to love Him less fervently. They do not lead to any of the works of the flesh, nor make less devoted and faithful Christians of those who believe them. In not a single in­stance can any of the charges here mentioned be sustained against them; and concerning them we may emphatically ask the ques­tion which Pilate put to the Jews in reference to the Saviour, "Why, what evil hath he done?"—Review and Herald, June 12, 1866.

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Uriah Smith, Review and Herald, June 12, 1866.

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