The high point of the council to me

Opinions about the Evangelistic council held in Denver, Colorado, May 16-19.

"The two high points of the council to me were the inspiration I received from the spir­itual atmosphere that was manifest dur­ing the entire meeting, and the help I re­ceived learning new methods that are suc­cessfully used by other evangelists."—Ruben F. Schneider, Denver, Colorado.

"The entire Denver evangelistic council was to me a high and blessed experience. The inspiration, practical instruction, discussion periods, and fellowship watered my soul. However, I believe that the greatest blessing came to me at the close of Elder R. S. Watts's inspiring studies during the special consecra­tion service and the season of prayer that followed. God's Spirit touched me with bless­ing, and I am determined by God's help to preach His last message as never before."— Judson P. Habenicht, Calgary, Alberta.

"I have been tremendously impressed with the earnest consecration of our North Ameri­can evangelists who have been present at this meeting. I shall go home to Australia feeling greatly encouraged to be laboring in a com­mon cause with such fine spiritual men."— George Burnside, Ministerial Association Sec­retary, Australasian Division.

"It has been a real feast for me to be here. I am going home filled with a great blessing." —H. M. Williams, North Platte, Nebraska.

"The evangelistic council brought to me a renewed realization of our utter dependence on the power of the Holy Spirit in successful soul winning. It brought to us the need of possessing the two essentials of successful evangelism (pointed out by Elder E. E. Cleve­land): 1. An intimate knowledge of the Word of God; 2. the power of the Holy Spirit."—C. A. Walter, Phoenix, Arizona.

"I have been helped greatly in my under­standing of the problems and the work of the evangelists in the field. As pastor evangelists it is essential that we understand the prob­lems of other men."—E. E. Lutz, Englewood, Colorado.

"The council brought more encouragement and inspiration to me than any other event in my years in the work. I pray we may have such a season each year until the Lord comes. The most impressive thing to me about the council was the fact that men of such varied talents and methods could share their con­victions in such a constructive way. There was never a trace of bickering and this made the council such a help to all of us."—Elden K. Walter, Phoenix, Arizona.

"This council has inspired me because it has made me feel that I am part of an ear­nest, consecrated group of men, rather than a lone individual fighting on a hard battle front. I am proud to belong to such a spir­itual group."—G. D. O'Brien, Little Rock, Arkansas.

"This council has been a real blessing to my soul. I can go back and preach the full message in the assurance that all my fellow workers are earnest and consecrated, and de­voted to the whole message."—A. O. Sage, Burbank, California.

"What a blessing the evangelistic council was! Never have I spent four more profitable days in my life. How refreshing it was to see and feel the unity that pervaded the meeting, and the heart searching that went with it. Now to share some of that spirit with the other brethren, and set them on fire to 'arise' and finish this work!"—S. L. Folkenberg, New York City.

"The recent evangelistic council gave me a threefold blessing: 1. The assurance that the most glorious and triumphant evangelism lies just ahead of us; 2. the association with the faithful and courageous evangelists in­spired and augmented faith in public evan­gelism; 3. the most powerful weapon of a soul winner is his fully surrendered life to the perfect will of God."—Walter Schubert, As­sociate Secretary, Ministerial Association, General Conference.

"I realized, as never before, the blessings just ahead for God's church. It was an in­spiration to know that each evangelist, through running a program of his own, is very interested in the soul-winning endeavors of his fellow evangelists, and they are work­ing together as one great team. The exchange of ideas and methods that each man has found in his case to work successfully has made this council priceless to me."—Kenneth J. Mittleider, Seattle, Washington.

"Certainly the men closest to the heart of the church are its actively engaged soul win­ners. When such meet to consider evange­lism, excluding all else, something wonderful happens! The council strengthened my pur­pose to make evangelistic soul winning my first business all the time, wherever I am." —Arnold Kurtz, Oakland, California. "The high point of the evangelistic council to me was the deep spiritual tone that pre­vailed, the humility and dedicated attitude of everyone present, and the truly practical problems and methods considered."—E. E. Duncan, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

"The spiritual atmosphere of the evange­listic council was invigorating and reassuring to me. The inspiration and spiritual refresh­ment are difficult to evaluate in words. The most tangible value of the council to me per­sonally was the exchange of methods and procedures among fellow workers fresh from the field, who day by day are facing the same problems that I have to cope with in pro­claiming present truth in the space age."— G. E. Knowles, Salem, Oregon. "This meeting has been a tremendous bless­ing to me. I thank God for the privilege of attending, and I go back full of assurance to continue in the great work of evangelism." —Don Spillman, Portland, Oregon.

"In my experience I have to go all the way back to 1934 to find anything similar. But on that occasion we called in all of the workers from the various union conferences and thus had a group far too large to sit around the table for free discussion. For that reason the meeting at Denver outranks anything that I have ever attended, and for all the years to come I shall carry with me a rich inspiration and overwhelming incentive for all-out evan­gelism until the work is finished."—Robert M. Whitsett, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Evangelistic council held in Denver, Colorado, May 16-19.


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September 1960

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