Some Books I Can Recommend

Book recommendations by E. S. Humann.

Auditor, North Pacific Union

p>Adventurers for God, Clarence W. Hall, Harper & Brothers, 266 pages, $3.75.

In the introduction the author says, "Of all the breeds of brave and gallant men and women, Christian missionaries are to me the most heroic— and the most unaware of their heroism." Having spent the greater part of his life as editor and writer in chronicling all kinds of adventures for God, he has chosen those persons whose lives and work contain the most dramatic incidents of the hundreds that might be told of the Christian mis­sionary enterprise. Among the thirteen inspiring stories is included the story of Leo Halliwell, un­der the chapter title "Medicine Man on the Amazon." Every chapter in this book is informa­tive and inspiring.


Tried by Fire, F. B. Meyer, Baker Book House, 218 pages.

This book contains Expositions of the First Epistle of Peter. In my opinion anything F. B. Meyer writes is worthy of study. In the preface the author states, "Written amid the multiplied engagements of a busy life, it would be impossible to estimate the benefit to heart and thought by bending over these translucent depths of sacred truth—so calm, so still, so profound, so counterac­tive of life's feverish haste; and it is my earnest hope that these Expositions may pass on to others some of the blessedness which their preparation has brought to myself." A very worth-while book, indeed.


Charles Wesley and His Colleagues, Bishop Charles Wesley Flint, Public Affairs Press, Washington, D.C., 221 pages, $3.75.

Charles Wesley has been neglected and under­estimated. This book tries to correct that in part. Some have unintentionally belittled Charles in magnifying John. John Wesley needs no further eulogy; his works praise him. But Charles's service to religion and his influence on John have not been fully appraised. The author has long been an admirer of Charles Wesley, after whom he is named, and Bishop Flint has written a superlative biography. It is rigorously realistic; it is fully aware of the weaknesses of the Wesley brothers. Its frankness enhances the greatness of these men. Those who are familiar with the speaking and writing of Bishop Flint will open this book with anticipation, for they are well aware of his humor, originality, and penetrating insight.


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Auditor, North Pacific Union

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