Some Books I Can Recommend

Book recommendations from Harold L. Calkins

Pastor, Temple City Church, California

Great Personalities of the New Testament, by Wil­liam Sanford LaSor, Fleming H. Revell Com­pany, Westwood, New Jersey, 1961, 192 pages, $3.00.

As professor of Old Testament at Fuller Theo­logical Seminary, Pasadena, California, Dr. LaSor has presented a scholarly yet readable picture of more than fifteen important New Testament char­acters. Much helpful material is here available for a midweek series or for biographical preaching. A fine annotated bibliography concludes the book.

The Cross Through the Open Tomb, by Donald Grey Barnhouse, Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, Mich­igan, 1961, 152 pages, $3.00.

The late editor of Eternity magazine draws at­tention to Christ and His sacrifice, not from the pro­phetic viewpoint or the symbolic sanctuary service but as seen in the light of the resurrection. One's thinking is stimulated by such statements as ". . . our justification produced His resurrection. . . . Our sin had killed Him; our justification raised Him again. . . . His resurrection is the proof of our justi­fication only because it is the necessary effect of it. . . . Cause of death . . . not from loss of blood. . . . He died because 'He dismissed His spirit.'"

Naturally, some things in this book do not agree with Adventist teachings, but they do not detract from the unusual value of the work as a whole.

The Learned Men, by Gustavus S. Paine, Thomas Y. Crowell Company, New York, 1959, 212 pages, $4.75.

Of special interest on this anniversary year is this story of the translation of the King James Version, with its sidelights on the lives of the translators and the politics involved in getting the job done. The author has carefully handled the biographies, letters, and legal documents of the day to help us know the K.J.V., its times, and its translators.

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Pastor, Temple City Church, California

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