Some Books I Can Recommend

Book recommendations from Lyndon K. McDowell.

Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan

[Books in this section are not as a rule new publications. They are personal recommendations of well-known volumes now obtainable only secondhand except where published of recent date.—Eds.]

Absolute Surrender, by Andrew Murray, Marshall, Morgan & Scott, London, rev. ed., 1957, 142 pages.

Dr. Andrew Murray, forty-five years a pastor in the Dutch Reformed Church, is South Africa's best-loved preacher. This book is a verbatim re­port of twelve discourses he gave at the Keswick Convention in 1895. Although rich in sermon material, the greatest value of the book is the spiritual overture it makes to the reader. Each chapter is pervaded with the speaker's love of God and his complete assurance of salvation. Absolute surrender is a desperate need in ouv ministry today, and this little book conveys full confidence in the blessing that such surrender will bring.

The Two Covenants, by Andrew Murray, James Nisbet & Co., Ltd., London, 190 pages.

This book unveils both the old and the new-covenants as a means of God's grace. Here the law and the gospel are nicely combined with the great emphasis not upon what man must do for God, but upon what God will do for man; not feeble man's promise to an omnipotent God, but an omnipotent Father's pledge to feeble men. Like the one mentioned above, this book will furnish good sermon material and food for reflection and study.

The Story of Civilization, by Will Durant, Simon and Schuster, New York, 5 vols. Index, Bib.

Anyone who is not dismayed by the forbidding size of these volumes will find a survey of them most entertaining and profitable. The books pro­vide ready reference material and open up his­torical vistas that entice one to further study. The brief biography of the author given at the back of each volume will give the Adventist reader a sympathetic understanding of his vagrant the­ological views.

A History of the English-Speaking Peoples, by Winston S. Churchill, Dodd, Mead and Co., New York, 1956. Index.

A familiar title and deservedly so. These volumes provide the careful reader with a broad survey of England's history, an incidental character study of the author, and an effective lesson in English prose that few Adventist preachers can afford to ignore.


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Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan

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