The 1962 Quadrennial Ministerial Convention

The Quadrennial Ministe­rial Convention-—since 1941 a regular feature preceding the General Conference ses­sion—-was a good meeting, rich in spirit­ual overtones and forthright counsel. It was the largest and best-attended convention we have yet held.

R.A.A. is editor of the Ministry and Secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association

The Quadrennial Ministe­rial Convention—since 1941 a regular feature preceding the General Conference ses­sion—is now history. It was a good meeting, rich in spirit­ual overtones and forthright counsel. It was the largest and best-attended convention we have yet held.

The convention convened in the First Congregational church, San Francisco. The minister, Dr. Janes, and his staff proved gracious hosts indeed as our ministers from the earth's far ends packed this commodi­ous building. Their church paper reflects the spirit of Christian understanding we enjoyed. We quote a few lines from it:

This is the second time that our Church has served as host to our Adventist friends. Those of us who had an opportunity to meet some of the guests were impressed with their religious devotion and Christian character. The Adventists believe in the observation of a Saturday Sabbath, and that the second coming of Christ is imminent.

Dedicated Tithers

The devotion of the Adventists is reflected in their financial support of the church. In addition to offerings for missions and local church projects, each Adventist is a tither, i.e., he gives 10 per cent of his income to the church. Most of the Adventists tithe their income before taxes are deducted.

A $243.00 Average

During 1961 the Adventists of the North Ameri­can Division, which is composed of the United States and Canada, gave a total of $83,713,309.00.

This represents an average of more than $243.00 apiece for the 343,664 members in the two coun­tries. If members of all Christian churches emulated the giving standards of the Adventists, it is apparent the work of the church would move for­ward with great rapidity. Their visit to San Fran­cisco has been an inspiration to all of us.


We appreciate these kind expressions, and the whole-hearted manner in which a vote of thanks was accorded to the pastor and his staff was evidence of the rich bless­ing all had received.

The fact that this church, with accom­modation for about 1,500, was filled for every meeting is glowing testimony of the place such a convention holds in the hearts of our ministers and administrators. An ex­ample of the confidence many of our lead­ers have in this convention that has now come to be a tradition among us is re­flected in the fact that a president of one of our largest conferences in the East sent more than forty of his ministers right across the United States. These were his own words to us: "I would not want any of my men to miss this. They will probably get more out of these few days than from the session itself, so we are permitting all of them to attend." Little wonder the church was crowded.

More important than the large crowds, however, was the spirit of the meetings. The Lord certainly met with us, and we were made particularly aware of His pres­ence on a number of occasions. Among the many vivid memories we take with us from this city by the Golden Gate are those that cluster around this convention. How won­derful it will be when with our work finished, we are ushered in through, not the Golden Gate, but the pearly gates that lead to the golden streets of the eternal city of light!

R. A. A.

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R.A.A. is editor of the Ministry and Secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association

November 1962

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