God's Adventurer's

God's work knows no bar­riers.

F. M. ARROGANTE, President, Northern Mindanao Mission, Philippines

God's work knows no bar­riers. The message, like the sunbeam, must find the dark places of the earth. Souls sleeping or lost in ignorance must be awakened and con­verted.

Fear was in the hearts of our literature evangelists when they ventured forth to work among the fearless Maranaos who lived in the municipalities, districts, and cities along the shore line of Lanao Lake. Armed with strong faith and con­fidence in God's guidance and protection and blessing, God's Adventurers pushed forward, flashing the message of health and salvation to the Moslem villages.

These courageous evangelists are speed­ing up their work at a pace beyond our ex­pectations. The unentered municipalities of Ramain, Tamparan, Lumbatan, Genasi, and Wato, including the districts of Tu­gaya, Malunlo, Gata, Panlawan, Salamaon, and Bacolod in the province of the Maran­aos (Lanao del Sur), were all visited and canvassed. For two weeks this consecrated group of workers under the good leader­ship of Emma Poblacion was able to sell subscriptions worth more than two thou­sand pesos. (Now Miss Poblacion continues the leadership on the union level and Letty Bolipata takes her place in the mission.)

The language barrier was a handicap that confronted the colporteurs. They knew that a successful drive depended much on their knowing the language of the people. However, the Lord provided a kind, educated Moslem, a post office em­ployee, who wrote down a brief translation of the canvass into the Maranao language. This the women memorized, and through the medium of these few sentences, the peo­ple understood the nature of our work and the benefit they would receive from reading the magazines.

In places where there were PC camps they stayed with the families of the execu­tive officers where they were well cared for and protected. In some places where they needed special protection two PC's ac­companied each canvasser as he worked.

Sometimes when the colporteurs had to stay in the homes of the people they had to adapt themselves to national traditions and customs by eating and sleeping the Maranao way.

God's Adventurers, we call these women who are devoted to the cause of God, and are spreading the message of a soon-coming Jesus.

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F. M. ARROGANTE, President, Northern Mindanao Mission, Philippines

July 1963

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