"It Is Written" and the College Campus

Our contact with It Is Written has proved a real blessing to the campus, bringing with it the strong spiritual impact that is the inev­itable result of a successful stu­dent soul-winning endeavor.

Chairman, Department of Religion, Southern Missionary College

Our contact with It Is Written has proved a real blessing to the campus, bringing with it the strong spiritual impact that is the inev­itable result of a successful stu­dent soul-winning endeavor.

We first touched It Is -Written indirectly when the Missionary Volunteer Home Evangelism Band at Emmanual Missionary College used the Take His Word Bible study guides to follow up a survey in Three Rivers, Michigan. Their objective was to raise up a church in this small community of seven thousand people about forty-two miles from the campus.

Since the telecast was not received in this area, Take His Word itself became the means of getting into the homes of the people to establish friendships. The response was enthusiastic. For five months the students set aside each Sabbath after­noon to make their friendly visits and to deliver the next numbers of Take His Word.

In April, Elder Don Jacobsen and I conducted a series of meetings to climax the project. Students brought their new in­terests, and we witnessed one of the most thrilling series we have yet conducted. The objective was realized. A Seventh-day Ad­ventist church now gives its witness in this formerly dark city.

Then in August we conducted a semi­nary field school in Regina, Saskatchewan. Here we were able to touch the telecast directly. We followed the television release with a city-wide crusade, identifying with It Is Written and participating in the tele­cast. The interest was overwhelming. It was a great advantage for our meetings to be identified with It Is Written.

We then launched at Southern Missionary College an aggressive attack on the city of Chattanooga, combining these two points of contact. Hundreds of students, with many faculty members, are using Take His Word along the lines of the Three Rivers plan. The initial response has been out­standing. In October the telecast began. And in April the entire program will be climaxed with a city-wide series in the most popular auditorium in Chattanooga. We expect the results to be excellent, for the Holy Spirit has promised to bless when the efforts of laymen, church officers, and ministers are united in soul winning.

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Chairman, Department of Religion, Southern Missionary College

January 1964

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