When the Matchbook Exploded

It is Written in Southern California

ROBERT K. MC REYNOLDS, Physician, Burbank California

The It Is Written program hit southern California as the "light of the noonday sun" in June, 1962, during the Lynwood camp meeting. At the close of the first meeting all professional men—businessmen, medical doctors, dentists, lawyers, veterinarians, et cetera—were invited for a preview of plans. We became part of the inner circle. Our valuable patient and client lists were to form the nucleus of the great mailing list.

Invitations and announcements were printed on our professional stationery, con­veying the personal touch to each of our clientele. Our offices became centers of ac­tivity. Television schedules were placed at strategic points in each office, and per­sonal, individualized invitations to view It Is Written were extended to each patient or client. TV announcements accompa­nied our monthly statements, and telephon­ing before broadcasts was carried out by many in our group. Some purchased color TV sets, and small groups were invited to view the splendor of this unique attempt to make God's love and plan for salvation more appealing.

Then, after months of sowing the seed, came the reaping meetings. The giant Sports Arena, seating more than 15,000, was selected. The greatest thrill came to me when I was able not only to attend most of the meetings, but to furnish transpor­tation so that our friends might share our hope and faith. On several occasions our Falcon, Corvair, and Volkswagen were all pressed into service. One three-hundred­pound self-styled agnostic burst forth with,

"This is fantastic! I never heard anything like it! I could really be­lieve in something like this. And the organization!"

Financial support was given for newspaper and television ads and for billboards. And they were effective.

One Nevada businessman no­ticed the announcement, invited the wife of a movie producer to join him, and arrived on the night of the sermon "When No Man Can Buy or Sell." As he left the meet­ing that night, stunned by what he had heard, he stood for a moment to light a cigarette. Like magic, the first cigarette sailed ten feet away. A second attempt, and the match went out. A third attempt, and the whole matchbook exploded!

"Well, Lord," he said, "You must not want me to smoke." The balance of what would have been his third pack for the day was discarded, and this man has not smoked since. On September 7, 1963, he was bap­tized.

The It Is Written program is the great­est opportunity for participation in soul-winning endeavor that has come to us as professional men. And I personally thank God for the privilege of having a part in it.

The word of truth, 'It is written,' is the gospel we are to preach. No flaming sword is placed before this tree of life. All who will may par­take of it. There is no power that can pro­hibit any soul from taking of its fruit. All may eat and live forever.—Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 19.

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ROBERT K. MC REYNOLDS, Physician, Burbank California

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