Bibliography for Ministers

Bibliography for Ministers (Part III)

Are you, Friend Preacher, studying your choice of these dissertations, or is this series "just another bibliography"?

CHARLES E. WENIGER, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary,  Andrews University

This article lists selected studies on wor­ship, including music, from Franklin K. Knower's "Bibliography of Communica­tions Dissertations in American Schools of Theology," published in the June, 1963, is­sue of Speech Monographs. They are avail­able, as explained in the previous articles of this series, through the Inter-Library Loan Plan.


Artz, Rhodes M. "The Children and the Sunday Morning Worship Among the Disciples of Christ." B.D., College of the Bible, 1957.

Badger, Philip H. "Preaching in Christian Wor­ship." B.D., Christian Theological Seminary, 1958.

Cook, Cecil V. "Hymnology Before the Reforma­tion." Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Semi­nary, 1898.

Dean, Kenneth G. "The Principles and Practice of Public Prayer." B.D., College of the Bible, 1954.

Farmer, Frances H. "The Junior and the Morning Church Service." M.A. in R.E., College of the Bible, 1935.

Garritson, Melvin H. "The Relation of Sermon and Church Music in Corporate Worship." B.D., Col­lege of the Bible, 1957.

Gayle, Mrs. Joe. "Youth Choirs and Their Place in Southern Baptist Churches." Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1957.

Giltner, Margaret R. "Primary Worship Without Music." M.R.E., College of the Bible, 1934. Graves, Albert R. "The Use of Music in Worship." M.R.E., College of the Bible, 1952.

Gray, Joseph H. "The Church Choir: Its History and Importance in Public Worship." B.D., Mo­ravian Theological Seminary, 1945.

McGuire, Joyce D. "Educating Adults in the Use of Music in the Church." M.R.E., College of the Bible, 1956.

Parker, Gordon A. "The Development of Hymnody in England From the Reformation to the Oxford Movement." &D., United College, Winnipeg, Canada, 1955.

Plumer, Stanley T. "Preaching Against a Worship Background." B.D., Andover Newton Theologi­cal Seminary, 1942.

Roper, Betty A. "A Study of the Choir as an Agency of Religious Education in the Local Church." M.R.E., Asbury Theological Seminary, 1952.

Ross, Hyla Jean. "A Study of the Teaching Ministry of the Church Through Hymnology." M.R.E., Asbury Theological Seminary, 1959.

Sanford, Jack D. "The Reformers' Concept of Preaching in Worship." Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1955.

Schaeffer, R. E. "The Relation Between Worship and Preaching." B.D., Lancaster Theological Seminary of the United Church of Christ, 1935.

Skeen, Orville M. "The Contribution of the Com­munion Service to Worship." B.D., College of the Bible, 1952.

Van Arsdale, Werdie W. "Guiding Personality Growth Through Public Prayer." B.D., College of the Bible, 1943.

Weidler, Albert G. "The Mutual Relation of Preaching and Praise." B.D., Western Theological Seminary, 1911.

Woodbury, Harold W. "The Relation of Preaching to Worship." B.D., Andover Newton Theological School, 1941.


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CHARLES E. WENIGER, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary,  Andrews University

April 1964

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