One Soul Per Meeting!

A report from Australia

ORMOND IC. ANDERSON, Director, Public Relations , South Australia Conference

Adelaide, a city of 650,000, has been awakened, and the result thus far is thrilling-127 baptized or a new church member for every one of the 127 meetings held in this campaign. Pastor John F. Colt-heart began his work in Adelaide, South Australia, in March, 1964. His organization was excellent, and the consecration and splendid cooperation by team and laity alike ensured success. The preaching pro­gram was run in double-headed sessions. But for the first few weeks three or more ses­sions were held to accommodate the crowd.

It was grand to see the close follow-up by the midweek congregations in the Bible marking; thrilling to see young and old thumbing the Scriptures and reading the texts. Truly we witnessed the outpouring of the Spirit of God. People representing many Protestant churches, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Mohammedan, and others of no specific religion were drawn together in mind and heart to follow the pattern of their blessed Lord and Saviour. We can verily say, with the beloved apostle John, "Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear . . . and keep those things which are written [in this book]."

All the members of the South Australian Conference had a part in this evangelistic campaign and earnestly prayed for its suc­cess. All who could, faithfully attended the meetings, and all the conference workers cooperated. Our president visited and gave Bible studies. Our conference secretary-treasurer volunteered as the mission treas­urer. The mission team traveled thousands of miles at their own expense. The spirit of sacrifice was real. God was with the preacher—and great grace fell upon all. From the outset the Adventist church was clearly identified in this public program. The preacher's initial approach was through archeology and science as proof of the veracity of the Scriptures.

In four months the new believers re­turned to God more than $3,000 in tithes, besides a thousand dollars in offerings. Four beautiful baptismal services were held.

Pastor Coltheart plans to conduct his second series of lectures in this same city. We know you will join us in earnest prayer that God will again visit His people and pour out a double measure of His Spirit upon them as they labor together.

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ORMOND IC. ANDERSON, Director, Public Relations , South Australia Conference

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