W. H. MATTISON, Ministerial Secretary, Southern Asia Division

CUDDAPAH, a small town in India, fa­mous for its flagstone, has six Christian churches. Our message has been preached off and on in this town for fifteen or twenty years. But the Spirit of God worked might­ily in 1965.

In October I had the privilege of joining the efforts of Pastor Devaprasad. From the beginning the pandal was packed with more than four hundred people, and re­mained so during the three weeks of meet­ings. Each Sabbath there was a baptism. So far this year twenty-seven have been baptized and prospects are bright for an­other ten to fifteen by the end of the year.

On Sabbath, December 11, Pastor W. M. Moses, president of the Andhra Section, ac­companied me for a return visit to Cudda­pah. A church of thirty-two members was organized, and what an enthusiastic church it is in its first love of the message. Now the believers look forward to a church membership much larger in the year 1966, possibly one of one hundred or more, and they also plan to have their own church building.

On Sunday, December 12, there was a celebration dinner for friends and members to which more than 150 people came. The members spent the previous night prepar­ing for their guests, and also acted as servers of the dinner.

As I ate with them in the beautifully decorated panda!, which had been dedi­cated for the organization service, I could not help believing that their bright dreams of a strong church, housed in a permanent building, would soon be fulfilled.

Christian villages around Cuddapah have also begun to search after the mean­ing of the Advent message. Many of the people have attended the meetings. In one such village eighty families have invited us to hold meetings there. In another, a fam­ily who have a special worship room in their home are already worshiping in it on Sabbath instead of Sunday.

Brother Devaprasad and M. Prakasha Rao have plans for meetings later to bring to fruition the great interest shown by those searching for truth in Cuddapah. Let us pray that the Spirit of God will be felt working in this area.

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W. H. MATTISON, Ministerial Secretary, Southern Asia Division

September 1966

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